Using Your GI Bill® at SANS Technology Institute

Using Your GI Bill® at SANS Technology Institute

This page is designed to help students understand the basics of how GI Bill benefits work at SANS Technology Institute. A complete guide can be found below, as well as an informational video.

What is covered?

All distance modality graduate courses taken as a part of SANS Technology Institute's (STI) accredited programs are covered by GI Bill. Because we are based out of Maryland, any live courses taken within Maryland are also covered by GI Bill.

Any live courses taken outside of Maryland are not covered, and courses taken as a non-matriculated student are also not covered by GI Bill, as non-matriculated courses are not taken as a part of any degree program (a requirement for GI Bill).

How do benefits work at STI?

Unlike other traditional higher education institutions, students take STI's graduate courses one at a time. Our "full time" rate with the VA is 1 credit per 1 month. Most of our courses are 3 credits, taken over 3 months, and thus are full time.

Students using Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) will receive the distance housing allowance rate for any distance modality courses. Students attending a live event within Maryland will receive the in-person housing allowance, for the entire 3-month course term.

How are VA payments made to me?

Students can expect to receive payments from the VA at the beginning of each month, paid in arrears for the previous month (and at a prorated amount if the course did not span the entire previous month).

Ready to get started?

Navigate to to apply for your benefits and get your "Certificate of Eligibility." Once you are admitted to the SANS Technology Institute, our admissions team will help ensure you submit all necessary documents.

What info can STI provide? What info can the VA provide? What info can YOU provide?
Using GI Bill at STI Eligibility determination Amount of remaining benefits
Distance vs live courses Payment questions Current address with the VA & STI
Switching GI Bill to STI Amount of remaining benefits
Balancing GI Bill with other funding sources

Need more information?

Click here for an in-depth guide to using VA education benefits at STI.

For more information from the VA: visit Click on the "Contact Us" tab and then the "Ask a Question" tab. Or you may call the VA toll free at 1-888- GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551).