Undergraduate Admissions

Are you ready to apply? Follow the steps below to apply to a SANS.edu undergraduate program: • Bachelor’s Degrees in Applied Cybersecurity • Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity Prior technical experience is not required.

How It Works

The SANS Technology Institute has no fixed semesters or academic terms. We admit students throughout the year to provide maximum flexibility.

  1. Apply by the 15th of any month
  2. Receive a decision 30 days later
  3. Start courses within a month of admission


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Ready to apply? Here’s how.

Follow these steps to apply to an undergraduate program at SANS.edu.


Make sure you meet the minimum program requirements.

Undergraduate Certificate: Minimum Requirements

  • Be 18 or older when you start classes
  • Be a native English speaker or able to meet the requirements for non-native English speakers
  • Have completed at least 48 college credits from an accredited college or university, or obtained the equivalent international education, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.80

Bachelor’s Degree: Minimum Requirements

  • Be 18 or older when you start classes.
  • Be a native English speaker or able to meet the requirements for non-native English speakers.
  • Earn 60 of 70 required transferrable college credits from an accredited college (or colleges), with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0
    • For admission to the Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program, earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) as part of your 60 credits. An AAS degree is not required for the Bachelor of Science (BS) program.
    • You can start the SANS.edu program when you’ve earned 60 of 70 required transferable credits from any accredited community college and/or 4-year college, but you must complete all 70 credits to earn your bachelor’s degree.
    • For the BS and BPS program, earn 31 credits (of the 70 credits you’ll bring to SANS.edu) that meet these Maryland General Education Requirements:

      • Arts and Humanities (3 credits)
      • English Composition  (3 credits)
      • Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)
      • Mathematics (3 credits)
      • Biological and Physical Sciences  (3 credits)
      • Additional General Education Electives (16 credits)


Provisional Admission for Bachelor's Students: If you have not completed these bachelor's degree requirements, you may apply and be admitted provisionally to the bachelor's degree program for up to 2 years.

  • Provisional admission may be a good choice for you if, for example, you are in the process of completing an associate degree or are a high school senior who plans to earn an associate degree before starting at SANS.edu.
  • At the time you transfer to SANS.edu, any catalog updates or tuition rate changes will apply.


Complete your application form.

You can find the application form online at application.sans.edu/apply.

  • If you don’t have a SANS account, follow the instructions to create one in order to access the application. Keep track of your password for future use of the SANS portal.
  • Your application will be reviewed for admission after all supporting documents described below are submitted.


Upload your resume.

Upload your resume online at application.sans.edu/apply. If you have limited work experience, you can create a resume that highlights activities such as school projects, areas of interest or volunteer work.


Have your school(s) send us official transcripts.

  • If you hold an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or higher, only submit transcripts from schools where you earned a degree.
  • If you do not hold an associate degree or bachelor’s degree, submit transcripts from all schools where you have been enrolled.
    • Bachelor’s Degree Applicants: Sending a transcript from all previous schools will ensure you get the most transfer credits possible.

All transcript submissions must be official, which means they must be sent directly from your prior school(s) to SANS.edu with no student contact involved.

Request to have your official transcripts emailed directly to transcripts@sans.edu.

If electronic delivery is not an option, please mail official, sealed copies to:

SANS Technology Institute
2093 Philadelphia Pike #4606
Claymont, DE 19703

IMPORTANT: If transcripts will be submitted from a college or university outside of the United States, please first review the requirements for international students.


Take our aptitude assessment.

No prior experience in cybersecurity is needed for our undergraduate programs, but all applicants to the SANS Technology Institute are required to complete a 1-hour online assessment which measures general information security aptitude. We don't require the SAT for admission, so our online assessment exam is your best chance to demonstrate your potential to succeed in cybersecurity.

PRO TIP: We recommend taking the assessment when you have the full hour to devote to it without being interrupted, since you will have only 1 attempt. Do not be concerned if you are unfamiliar with any of the topics covered in the assessment. Many of the best cybersecurity students come from backgrounds outside of technology.

You can find a link to complete the aptitude assessment in the application portal after you submit your application form.

IMPORTANT: If you have previously completed an aptitude assessment with SANS as part of a prior application to SANS.edu or to a SANS Immersion Academy, please notify us at info@sans.edu.


Submit your application fee.

Pay the non-refundable application fee through our payment suite. The application fee is $35 for the undergraduate certificate program and $75 for the bachelor's degree program.

NOTE: To access the payment suite, you will need to log on with the SANS password you used to start your application.


Applications Deadlines

SANS.edu accepts undergraduate students throughout the year to provide maximum flexibility.

  • Apply by the 15th of any month and you'll receive a decision the next month.
  • You can begin your program a month after being admitted.

Join us for a free online info session to learn more.

Next Steps for Admitted Students

If you are admitted or provisionally admitted, you will receive a formal Offer of Admission and be asked to confirm your enrollment in the SANS Technology Institute.

New Student Orientation

We'll provide instructions for attending the mandatory New Student Orientation (NSO), where you’ll be introduced to our programs, resources and communications tools. You’ll also meet your student advisor, who will discuss your goals and give you personalized support throughout your studies at SANS.edu.

You'll need to complete New Student Orientation before you can register for your first course.

"SANS.edu offers a level of support and resources that I have never seen." - Cathy Sowa, Graduate

Meet Our Admissions Team

The SANS.edu admissions team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the application process. We are dedicated to helping prospective students achieve their educational and career goals. How can we help you?


We're happy to help. Email info@sans.edu or call 301.241.7665.