Admissions: Cyber Security Degrees & Certificates

Introduction to Prospective Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the graduate programs and courses of the SANS Technology Institute. We look forward to learning about you and determining if your talents, experiences, and career objectives are well-matched to our programs.

Please carefully read and consider the guidance supplied on our website relative to your application process. Many applicants have been able to complete and submit their applications based entirely and solely on these guides. However, if you still have questions after reviewing these pages, please do not hesitate to seek clarifications by inquiring at

Master's Programs

The admissions process for the SANS Master's programs is designed to ensure that admitted master's students have the experience, capabilities, and motivations necessary for success. Our programs are intended neither for recent college graduates nor individuals new to the industry. Rather, we seek to bolster the career growth of existing professionals by deepening their technical knowledge of cybersecurity engineering while simultaneously enhancing their ability to be effective in their organization.

The admissions and evaluation process relies on a multi-faceted approach including consideration of the applicant's past educational achievement, job experience, employer recommendation, written essays on leadership and expected outcomes, and a video presentation. We also engage in a counseling session after a student is admitted but prior to their matriculation to ensure the student has a full understanding of the program's requirements.

For a detailed description of the master's program application process, please review the Application Overview and Instructions and Master's Program Admissions section of our website.

Certificate Programs

The admissions process for the post-baccalaureate certificate programs is more streamlined than that for the master's program, given their focus on technically-driven educational outcomes. All applicants must provide an official transcript of their bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution (or international equivalent), an updated resume, and a personal information form. Because of the two research papers required in the Cybersecurity Engineering (Core) certificate program, applicants to that program must further submit an Outcomes Essay describing how the program fits into their career progression so that we can evaluate the applicant's written communication skills. More details may be found on the Certificate Programs Applications page.

Single Courses as a Non-matriculated Student

The SANS Technology Institute may allow individuals to take up to two graduate courses for credit as a non-matriculated student prior to requiring them to enroll formally in a program. Taking single courses as a non-matriculated student may be especially useful for employees with access to tuition reimbursement or assistance plans that will cover courses from regionally accredited institutions. For more information, please refer to the Process Guide - Enrolling in Single Courses as a Non-Matriculated Student.