Admissions: Cyber Security Degrees & Certificates


The SANS Technology Institute offers a rigorous, challenging, and rewarding graduate experience that provides you with the rare combination of elite technical mastery and the leadership ability to mobilize people, organizations, and resources.

A SANS Technology Institute degree ensures your ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world situations and prepares you to make an immediate and lasting impact on your team and your career.

Admission Overview and Instructions

Single Course, Non-degree

The SANS Technology Institute may allow individuals to take up to two graduate courses for credit as a non-matriculated student prior to requiring them to enroll formally in a program.

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Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Certificate Programs

The SANS Technology Institute's graduate certificate programs provide a shorter, technically focused set of courses that sharpen skills and keep knowledge current.

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Master of Science Degree Programs

Our master's programs in Information Security Engineering and Information Security Management are intended to bolster the career growth of existing professionals by deepening their technical knowledge while simultaneously enhancing their ability to be effective in their organization.

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