Degrees in Cyber Security

Earning a degree in cyber security, especially a master's degree in cyber security, will bolster your technical skills and increase your value to your employer or clients. With cyber attacks on the rise, corporations are desperate for cyber professionals who are both technically advanced and who have effective communications and management skills. The SANS Technology Institute - an independent, regionally accredited subsidiary of the SANS Institute, which is by far the largest and most trusted training, education, and research organization in the information security field - offers two different cyber security master's degrees as well as post-baccalaureate cyber security graduate certificates in specialized fields, such as penetration testing and ethical hacking, incident response, or cybersecurity engineering (core).

Cyber Security Master's Degrees

SANS master's programs are more than the sum of great technical courses taught by expert scholar-practitioners. SANS faculty designed the master's programs to develop information security leaders that have the technical understanding to identify what needs to be done, and the organizational capabilities to drive change. We hew strongly to the belief that leaders in our field need to understand the underlying technologies even if they are no longer at the keyboard daily. To achieve this goal, the faculty augmented technical, hands-on coursework with employer-recognized GIAC exam assessments (proving students learn the material using industry-recognized, certified exams) and integrative research experiences and simulations like NetWars that deepen a student's understanding of new and underlying technologies. The two cyber security master's degrees offered by SANS Technology Institute are aligned to these competencies.

Cyber Security Master's Degree for Technical Professionals

The Master of Science in Information Security Engineering (MSISE) program is designed to ensure that each student achieves knowledge of the core, foundational domains of information security, plus allows them elective choices to develop either concentrations in particular domains, or add to the breadth of their expertise by exploring a mixed set of topics beyond the core areas. The MSISE program prepares students to weave deep technical expertise into the design of effective cybersecurity. 70% of the program is technically oriented, while the remaining 30% of the program focused on the integration of that technical learning into effective use cases, or the oral and written communication skills that enable our graduates to have an impact and to lead change in their organizations.

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Cyber Security Master's Degree for Management

The Master of Science in Information Security Management (MSISM) Program is designed to accelerate the development of cyber security Managers by providing practical experience that can be immediately applied on the job. With real-world security practitioners as instructors, students learn to see the world from an attacker's view, audit information systems, assess legal implications of an incident, and to develop risk-based secure enterprise-level solutions that enable an organization's business processes to function in spite of the increasing threat presence. In addition to developing hands-on technical skills, the program emphasizes the development of communication and leadership skills that will improve the student's ability to implement information security solutions within their organization.

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