Course Delivery Options

Course Delivery Options

The SANS Technology Institute courses offer great flexibility for how students may choose to complete a graduate program. Most SANS Institute classes that are incorporated into the graduate courses may be taken either live from our faculty at SANS events throughout the year, or via our at-a-distance modalities, such as OnDemand and vLive. Students who utilize our SANS' OnDemand modality may begin their courses at any time they choose, while instruction taken from our faculty at a SANS event requires coordinating your work, personal, and travel schedule.

When planning their course of studies, students will often compare how the timing and location of live events compares to their work and personal schedules, and choose their modality based upon which fits best into their schedules, making trade-offs travel expenses and how they prefer to consume academic material. Each modality offers its own benefits, depending on student preferences. At live SANS events, students attending a live SANS event can ask instructors questions directly and listen to many topical presentations from SANS instructors and industry participants, while OnDemand offers students the ability to 'rewind' and re-listen to material if it goes by too quickly, all in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.

Live vs. OnDemand: Proven Learning Outcomes

As part of our accreditation process, the SANS Technology Institute was able prove something few other universities can: whether students take our courses live at SANS events or at-a-distance via our OnDemand or vLive modalities, their scores on the standardized GIAC certification exams are, statistically insignificantly different, while student satisfaction ratings and likelihood to recommend the class to their peers remained comparably high.

Cap on Mentor / SelfStudy / Challenge / Non-certified Community

In addition to taking courses from our faculty, the SANS Technology Institute recognizes that there are other venues by which a student may prepare for a given, incorporated GIAC exam. However, no more than two GIAC exams may be accepted for waiver when the associated SANS course was not taught by a member of our faculty. No more than two courses may be taken via the SANS Mentor program, or two SelfStudy, or two GIAC Challenges without a course at all, or two non-certified instructor Community; or a combination such as one SelfStudy with one Challenge, etc. This policy is specific to students in the master's degree programs. Graduate certificate students and individuals taking a single course through the graduate school will not be allowed to take a course via the SANS Mentor program or from a non-certified instructor via Community SANS.