Students: Services


Registrar Services for Planning and Scheduling Classes

Once you register for your ISE/ISM course in your SANS portal account, you will communicate your choice of SANS class delivery (residential institute/OnDemand/vLive/etc.) to STI's registrar. (The latest updates on course schedules and deadlines are found at the SANS pick a course page).

The registrar will then register you for that modality with the SANS Institute and send you a confirmation of your registration.


Students/alumni may request transcripts of their SANS Technology Institute's records by e-mailing

Staff/Faculty Access

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will communicate with the student regarding questions about course selection and other concerns. Shortly after acceptance into the program, students will be introduced to the program by the Registrar. They will review their Course of Study plan starting with what will be the first course and the first residential institute that the student is planning. If questions cannot be resolved by the Registrar, they will be referred to the faculty advisor.

Advisors are available for discussions with students to support them and answer their questions. It is recommended that students use for e-mail contact or 214-613-1640 for phone contact. We ask that students remember that SANS Technology Institute has a consistent leadership policy: a leader will do whatever it takes to make sure a task gets completed; and leaders accomplish their goals despite the problems they encounter. The SANS Technology Institute offers outstanding instruction and individual student support, but neither our faculty nor our administrative staff can solve a student's problems for them.

At almost all Residential Institutes, students are invited to meet with senior staff/faculty for a "round table" discussion where they can share their thoughts and comments.

Students who are not satisfied with their faculty advisor may request a change by contacting Institute staff by e-mailing

Communication with other Students

Students are given the opportunity to join the STI-edu mailing list. This enables them to communicate with other students even though the other students might be at a distance. Students can use this system to locate potential partners to work with them on Community Project Requirements that might require partner work.

Resources / Information Services

The challenges of information security are constantly evolving, and excellence in performance demands continuous monitoring of changes in threats, technology, and practices. We have information that will help SANS Technology Institute students and alumni maintain their edge in security. All of these services are available at no cost to SANS Technology Institute students and alumni unless otherwise described. Please see the research page for more details.

Disabled Student Services

SANS Technology Institute is committed to assisting course participants subject to disabilities. SANS will provide the following at no additional cost to the employers of participants with disabilities: an additional seat in the classroom and an additional set of course materials for Auxiliary Aides and/or the course notes in computer-readable format, as requested by the participant's employer. The employer of the participant shall be responsible for all other costs of any necessary accommodation, including arranging and paying for Auxiliary Aides. The employer may call 1-301-654-SANS(7267) to request that SANS make the arrangements for Auxiliary Aides and bill the costs to the employer. It is the responsibility of the employer to confirm with SANS all such arrangements at least four weeks before the course.