Students: New Student Orientation


SANS Technology Institute's New Student Orientation (NSO) is designed to help new students feel informed and prepared as they start their first course. We accomplish this task by providing an opportunity to connect with other new students, information modules covering various aspects of the student experience, and an appointment with the student's advisor.

Our NSO includes:

  • Informational modules (max 30 minutes)
  • An advising session with your student advisor (max 30 minutes)
  • Registering for your first course

All new students are required to complete NSO before taking courses. NSO can be completed in multiple sessions, saving and returning to as needed.


NSO begins on the 1st of every month, and students have until the end of the month to complete it. Students must also register for their first course within 60 days of their NSO start date to finalize enrollment.

Students may defer once, but must begin NSO within 60 days of admission.

Students should not register for a course until New Student Orientation has been completed.

"I've attended a lot of different schools in my educational journey, and I found the academic advising session with SANS to be truly a standout - interactive, with knowledgeable, engaged, caring and very helpful advisors (thanks Rebecca!!), and significant value added to my own academic planning and preparation. This has definitely not always been the norm at other institutions, and I both recognize and very much appreciate this differentiator at SANS. Thank you!"

- New Student Feedback