Shintaro Watanabe

Shintaro Watanabe is security professional specializing in incident handling and infosec planning. He is currently Manager of the Cybersecurity Department at Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. where he has established cybersecurity controls covering LAN/WAN, ISP systems, and broadcast facilities, conducts incident response and digital forensics, and maintains the Security Operations Center.

A seasoned incident handler he is an expert at driving companies to work in a wider area than specialized consultants, negotiating with stakeholders, and establishing clear protocols for tracking progress and improving the company’s cyber security posture.

In addition, Shintaro is active in organizations such as ICT-ISAC Japan and Nippon CSIRT Association, and is a certified lecturer at the Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. He holds CISA, CISSP, GCIH, GCFA, GNFA certifications. In his spare time, Shintaro likes to play with visualization of logs in RStudio, a software environment for statistical computing. He notes, “If I weren't an incident handler, I would have been a statistician.”