Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is a Certified Instructor Candidate at SANS Institute and Senior Cloud Security Researcher at CrowdStrike. His role involves researching and emulating adversary activity across AWS and Azure, building proof-of-concept solutions for threat hunting, and developing innovative detection capabilities within the cloud control plane. With a strong foundation in cybersecurity, marked by a long list of GIAC certifications, Ryan’s expertise and educational approach make him exceptionally qualified to teach and mentor the current and next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

More About Ryan


With a slew of professional certifications, including GCIA, GCIH, GNFA, GCFA, GCFE, GCFR, and GCTD, Ryan's commitment to the cybersecurity domain is unmistakable. His entry into cybersecurity was kindled by an insightful talk on insider threats, which transformed his casual interest into a profound professional pursuit. Today, Ryan is recognized for his exceptional ability to translate complex technical challenges into teachable moments, making him a valuable asset both in the field and the classroom.

Ryan's professional journey is distinguished by his role at CrowdStrike, where he has been instrumental in advancing cloud security measures that protect extensive customer bases from sophisticated threats. His work not only involves deep technical expertise but also creative problem-solving, as he builds systems that preemptively counteract potential security breaches in cloud infrastructures.

As an instructor, Ryan believes in the power of education to transform and empower. He approaches teaching with the philosophy that learning should be accessible to all students, regardless of their prior knowledge. He relishes the opportunity to share his knowledge and enthusiasm for cloud security, emphasizing the practical relevance of each topic he covers. His unique blend of field experience and instructional skills makes him particularly adept at guiding students through the complexities of cloud security.

Outside of his professional and teaching roles, Ryan actively contributes to the cybersecurity community. He organizes events for BSides Boulder and NOCO Hackers, fostering a spirit of collaboration and continuous learning among cybersecurity enthusiasts. His personal interests include woodworking, bicycle riding and repair, and hydroponic gardening, which allow him to balance his screen time with engaging physical activities.

Ryan also maintains a cybersecurity blog at www.checksomebytes.com, where he shares his professional insights, research findings, and practical advice. His commitment to advancing cybersecurity education and practice is evident in every aspect of his career, making him a trusted and respected figure in the field.