Kat Traxler

Kat Traxler is a Security Professional in the Twin Cities performing cloud research and security architecture in the areas of public cloud, container orchestration systems and IAM platforms. In her time in the security industry, she has had roles performing penetration testing targeting web applications, cryptographic infrastructure and fintech technologies. She has presented at various conferences including SANS CloudSecNext and fwd:CloudSec on topics such as privilege escalation and bug hunting in the cloud. She is the lead author of SEC549: Cloud Security Architecture.

More About Kat


Kat Traxler is the Principal Security Researcher at Vectra AI focusing on threat detection in the public cloud. Prior to her current role, she worked in various stages in the SDLC performing web application penetration testing and security architecture design for Web, IAM, Payment Technologies and Cloud Native Technologies.

Kat’s research philosophy directs her work to where design flaws and misconfigurations are most probable. This guiding principle leads her research to the intersection of technologies, particularly the convergence of cloud security and application security and where the OS-layer interfaces with higher-level abstractions.

Kat has presented at various conferences including the SANS CloudSecNext Summit and fwd:CloudSec on topics such as privilege escalation in GCP, and bug-hunting in the cloud. In addition to her work at Vectra AI, she is a member of IAN Faculty and the Lead Author of SEC549: Cloud Security Architecture and currently holds multiple GIAC certifications. 

She started her career with SANS as a facilitator in 2016 and currently holds GIAC-GSEC, GIAC-GCWN, GIAC-GDAT and GIAC-GCPS certifications. Kat Traxler is obsessed with the attack surface at the confluence of Identity and Cloud Platform APIs and thinks you should be too.