Don Weber

Don C. Weber is the Principal Consultant and Founder at Cutaway Security, LLC, an information security consulting company based in Texas. Don's previous experiences include large-scale incident response efforts for organizations with international assets and interests, the certification and accreditation of classified federal and military systems, assessment and penetration testing of worldwide commercial assets, and, as a Navy contractor, the management of a team of distributed security professionals responsible for the security of mission-critical Navy assets. Don has achieved his master's degree in network security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, and many GIAC certifications. Don was a founding member of the GIAC Ethics Council of which he was the GIAC EC Chair in 2009. Don regularly contributes to a wide variety of open source projects involving information security and incident response.

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Don C. Weber has devoted himself to the field of information security since 2002. His most recent experiences include providing penetration assessment, architecture review, detailed hardware security assessment, wireless and radio implementation analysis, and incident response management for a wide range of industries including those in the financial, retail, media and energy markets.

Don's Smart Grid experience includes end-to-end AMI assessments for several energy-related clients and he has provided guidance on several Smart Grid-related standards committees and during Smart Grid conferences.

Jack of All Trades. Extensive experience in physical and information technology penetration testing, web assessments, wireless assessments, architecture review, incident response/digital forensics, product research, hardware research, code review, and security tool development. For the past three years he has leveraged these skills to assist Warner Bros. as a Senior Manager, Incident Response (IR) and, for an eight-month period, as the acting-Director, Risk and Vulnerability Management (RVM). Responsibilities included ensuring WB’s preparedness to identify and respond to suspicious and malicious activities across all internal and cloud-based assets. RVM duties included providing security guidance during the development, implementation, and evolution of a variety of Internet-accessible media-related applications and services.

Previous to WB, he focused on hardware research specifically in the technologies surrounding products comprising the SMART GRID with a focus on implementing various communication protocol API's and microprocessor disassemblers/emulators for research, testing, and risk assessment.

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