Ben Corll

Benjamin Corll is a seasoned expert in cybersecurity and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as a SANS Instructor Candidate for LDR514: Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership. With a robust background that spans across prestigious presentations and key publications, Benjamin has made significant contributions to the field. His engagement in events such as SecureWorld 2022, Cloud Security Alliance 2023, and impactful webcasts and podcasts, including topics like the basics of cybersecurity and the influence of ChatGPT, showcases his commitment to advancing the industry's understanding of pressing issues.

More About Ben


As a recipient of the Top 100 CISO recognition by OnConferences for three consecutive years and honored by CISO Connect, Benjamin's professional accolades speak volumes of his leadership and innovative thinking in cybersecurity.

Benjamin stands out with his engaging teaching philosophy, emphasizing the importance of not just covering material but also providing added experiences, visual aids, and ample discussion. His approach ensures that learning extends beyond the classroom, offering students a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Benjamin's commitment to fostering networking and personal growth among his students further exemplifies his dedication to their success.

Driven by a passion for protecting those who cannot protect themselves, a philosophy rooted in his time with the US Marine Corps, Benjamin's transition to information security was a natural fit. His daily quest for new challenges and solutions in cybersecurity reflects his dynamic approach to the field. Choosing SANS as his platform for teaching was influenced by the unmatched quality of content and instructors, aligning with his desire to share knowledge and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

Benjamin brings a unique flair to teaching LDR514, leveraging his extensive experience as an enterprise CISO to enrich the course with real-world insights. His ability to share personal journeys, tools, and methodologies adds immense value, making him a standout instructor who not only teaches but also learns from the diverse perspectives of his students.

Understanding the challenges students face, Benjamin encourages an open-minded approach to learning and fosters a collaborative environment for sharing experiences. By steering discussions towards strategic thinking, he ensures that students are well-prepared for leadership roles in cybersecurity, enhancing their ability to address tactical and operational issues effectively.

Benjamin's real-world experience, highlighted by his roles as CISO at Fortune 250 companies, provides a solid foundation for his teaching. His practical application of tools and methods in strategic program management underscores his expertise in the subject. Highlighting career milestones and the satisfaction derived from developing and implementing successful security programs, Benjamin's career journey is a testament to his passion and dedication to cybersecurity.

Beyond his professional achievements, Benjamin's involvement as a CISO in Residence with Zscaler and advisory roles in several tech companies demonstrates his commitment to the cybersecurity community. His personal interests, including family, sports, and connecting with fellow security professionals, reflect a well-rounded individual passionate about his field and life beyond it.

Benjamin Corll's profile as a SANS Instructor Candidate for LDR514 represents a blend of professional excellence, innovative teaching, and a genuine commitment to student success. His expertise and approach make him an invaluable asset to those looking to advance their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity leadership.