Bachelor's Degree Programs in Applied Cybersecurity

Prepare to be one of the most job-ready candidates in cybersecurity. The bachelor's degree programs enable you to bring in 70 credits from any accredited community college or 4-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree after completing 50 credits at

The Advantage

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Earn a degree that prepares you to win a high-paying cybersecurity job.

Becoming a cybersecurity professional isn’t easy, but hard work and commitment at pays off.

Numbers at a Glance

94% of our job-seeking graduates gained employment in cybersecurity within 6 months.
The average starting salary of our bachelor's degree graduates is $110,000.
More than 700,000 job openings in cybersecurity are unfilled. (Source:

Launch or Advance Your Career with the Right Certifications

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Learn from the Best

SANS Technology Institute faculty members are rock stars of the cybersecurity field, with a broad base of expertise in government and industry working as red team leaders, CISOs, technical directors, and research fellows. Their up-to-date examples and deep knowledge ensure that what you learn in class will be useful immediately on the job.

Every member of the faculty is a highly skilled professional currently working in cybersecurity.
More than 150 open source cybersecurity tools have been created by SANS Faculty.
SANS faculty members have authored more than 40 books on information security.
SANS faculty members have produced more than 3,500 research papers and webcasts on information security topics.

SANS Courses

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Your Cybersecurity Internship

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Course Delivery Options

Your mind has no borders. Why should your college? Our online and in-person course options are designed to fit your life and how you like to learn.

  • OnDemand
  • Live Online
  • Immersive In-Person Instruction

Pathway to a Master’s Degree

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Join a free online information session to learn more about the undergraduate and graduate programs at Cybersecurity is all we teach — and nobody does it better.