Tuition: Regrade Fee


A few students submitted work to SANS Technology Institute (STI) that was poorly written (grammar or otherwise), rushed, lacking research/references, etc. As a result, STI determined that a regrade fee for re-dos needed to be implemented. It is not expected that the regrade fee for re-dos will need to be instituted often. Instead it is expected that the initial work that is submitted will be better. The regrade fee for re-dos is described below.

A re-do is not automatically allowed. In a few cases, it will be clear to STI that the submission must receive a failing score without opportunity to re-do it. If STI authorizes a re-do, then a regrade fee of $125 will be charged to the student.

The above policy concerns regrade fees imposed by STI. It does not affect any fee that SANS or GIAC may impose, for example, if a student needs to retake a GIAC cert or resubmit a GIAC Gold paper in order to obtain a higher score.