Tuition: Refund / Withdrawal Policy


Refunds on Courses

Students pay for one course at a time. They do not have to pay for several courses up-front like they might need to do if they attended a school that uses a traditional semester system. SANS Technology Institute students who wish to have a refund for a particular course should submit a refund request in writing to postmarked no later than one month before they register for the course. Within an STI course, to cancel or change a registration for the SANS technical class component of a course, the student must observe the SANS Institute's cancellation policies to avoid any additional fees. To find the specific deadline date to obtain a refund for a particular Residential Institute/conference, the student should go to the conference link on the SANS web page, and then go to the Registration link. (Usually the deadline date is three weeks before the conference start date). No refunds will be given after the deadline.

Withdrawal from Master's Degree Program

Before making a decision to withdraw from SANS Technology Institute, students are encouraged to discuss it with their Faculty Advisor or Senior Staff. Hopefully, there can be a resolution to any concerns or problems. If a student decides to withdraw from the SANS Technology Institute's Master's Degree Program, the student can obtain a refund as described above. Also, the student must send an e-mail to stating that the student is withdrawing from the Program.