Admissions: Letters of Recommendation


One letter of recommendation is required to provide a candid viewpoint of an applicant's personal characteristics, performance and experience, strengths, capabilities, and professional promise. It should be written by someone who has worked closely with the candidate. The selection committee relies heavily on these letters to assist in making a final decision. See the Employer Recommendation Form

The person writing the letter of recommendation should have been in a supervisory or mentor relationship with the applicant.

The writer should explain his or her relationship with the candidate. In particular it should illuminate whether the relationship was managerial or academic or other and describe the amount of time the writer was able to observe the candidate's performance.

The writer should provide specific information about the applicant based upon the personal observations of the writer and should include:

  1. Personal characteristics such as integrity, initiative, judgment, etc.
  2. Specific areas of strength or special experiences/projects on which the candidate worked; and
  3. How the candidate works with other people, etc.

This is where the writer can point out exceptional strengths such as a very high energy level, excellent communication skills, exceptional follow-through, or specific areas of knowledge or experience that are exemplary. Whatever makes the candidate stand out in the writer's mind should be provided.

The closing of the letter should state if the writer is recommending the candidate for the Master of Science degree program and should include the writer's contact information.

Employer Recommendation Form