The Following is a list of SANS Technology Institute Committees.

Curriculum, Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs Committee

This committee is responsible for the study of the educational programs of the Institute and to promote a supportive educational environment that provides activities designed to give varied and meaningful experiences to help students develop academically and professionally. It investigates new programs and recommends programmatic changes. It conducts periodic reviews and evaluations of the policies of the Institute to insure that the Institute's mission is being met and that the aims and objectives are being achieved. It reviews enrollment data and student admissions to ensure alignment with the mission. This committee recommends policies to the Board of Directors for maintaining qualified and competent faculty, high academic standards, and sound instructional practices. This committee shall meet annually, or more often as required.

Finance Committee

Financial accountability and future financial stability are the major objectives of this committee. It is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors on budgeting, short and long-term investments, tuition and fees, and all other matters relevant to the financial health and growth of the Institute. This committee shall meet annually.

Long Range Planning Committee

This committee is charged with identifying critical challenges facing the Institute over the next five (5) years. It reviews and updates strategic and long-term issues for the Institute and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for long-range plans. This committee shall meet annually.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing all completed applications, including all materials submitted and assessments completed. They use their experience, expertise, and knowledge of SANS Technology Institute programs to make informed decisions on all applications. This committee meets monthly.