Academics: Faculty


The faculty is the primary reason that a SANS Technology Institute educational experience allows students to become technical leaders in information security in their organizations. At SANS Technology Institute, you learn security from people who are the top experts in the field, the authors of the most authoritative books, and, most importantly, from people who have front-line, in-the-trenches experience doing the types of jobs that you will be required to do.

Knowledge alone does not make SANS faculty effective teachers. Many experts cannot teach. The SANS faculty development process ensures that the faculty are gifted teachers as well as being exceptional security technologists.

Your education at SANS Technology Institute involves research and writing, just as it would at any graduate institution. At SANS Technology Institute, though, it is the classes you take and, more importantly, the faculty who teach you that will help you gain the mastery of the subjects that enable leaders to lead with confidence.

Each member of the SANS faculty has demonstrated himself or herself to be highly competent, on the basis of formal education and professional experience, to provide educational courses that meet the objectives laid out in the program goals. The majority of SANS faculty members have completed either Master's level or PhD level degrees at regionally accredited institutions. Some faculty members may have completed the equivalent of Master's level degrees by demonstrating outstanding achievement in the information security field.