Veterans: Our Requirements


As part of our authorization from the VA, STI is required to continually adhere to specific federal laws. These laws outline how STI processes enrollments, maintains records and reports information to the VA. The following information further explains STI's responsibilities while enrolling students using GI Bill benefits.

Monitor Course and Program Progress

STI will monitor your course activity to ensure that you are progressing appropriately. Additionally, you will be required to adhere to the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy as mandated by the SANS Technology Institute to remain in good standing with the institution.

Certify Enrollments (VA Form 22-1999)

STI will submit, and maintain, enrollment certifications (VA form 22-1999) on or after the first day of the enrollment period for any course. We certify to the Department of Veterans Affairs:

  • The approved degree program you are pursuing as shown on our records.
  • The enrollment period (first class day or course start date through course end date/course completion date) for each course.
  • The number of credit hours that count toward the program for each course.
  • Enrollment status or the number of hours considered to be full-time for that course.
  • Tuition and mandatory fees when applicable.
Report Enrollment Information

STI is required to report any changes in your enrollment status to the VA. Enrollment changes could include withdrawals, change course date, change of delivery modality, etc. These changes could affect your rate of pursuit which could impact your stipend and/or benefits payments. We also report academic progress (including academic probation or dismissal), and certify graduation/program completion.

Enable Review of School Records by VA and Maryland State Approving Agent

By law, we are required to maintain and make available student records (such as enrollment periods, grade information, student application, etc.) to authorized representatives of the government. STI will retain your records for a minimum of 3 years following the termination of your enrollment.

For any additional questions regarding STI's responsibilities, please feel free to email

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