Students: Program Time Constraints


The student has five years to complete the requirements for the SANS Master of Science program. A relevant course completed to the gold level is required for admission this reduces the number of courses that must be completed by one. The five years begins from the date of admission, not the date the student takes the first course. Students are expected to complete the exam component of a course within 4 months of the time they are authorized to take the exam, usually 7 to 10 days after the completion of classes.

Students may request an extension on taking the exams. The extension policy is described here. The research project of each course should be completed in a timely manner after the exam is finished, but students may have up to 6 months after the completion of the exam, if needed. If students do not complete the research project within that time, then they will receive a grade of Incomplete. They will need to resolve this matter by reapplying for GIAC Gold, paying the GIAC reapplication, and completing the research project with a passing grade within that six month time period. More information about GIAC Gold can be found here.