Student Services

Student Services

Registrar and Counseling Services for Planning and Scheduling Classes

The latest updates on course schedules and deadlines are found at

The registrar page of the web site provides staff information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the registrar's office as well as other information useful to students. It is also the page where students may request transcripts and degree verification.

The automated registrar capabilities enable students to obtain their student records as well as course schedules, and also provide information access to all authorized persons. Students use the system to learn about course content and schedules and register for courses. SANS Technology Institute staff use the system to update student records and retrieve information needed to answer student questions

Faculty Access

Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will communicate with the student regarding questions about course selection or any other concerns. Sometimes the selected faculty advisor does not meet the student's needs. Students who are not satisfied with their advisor may request a change by contacting Institute staff by writing

At the first session of the first term for each class, students will be introduced to the entire program and general questions will be answered. Following that session, faculty advisors will be available for direct, one-on-one discussions with students to help them resolve any scheduling conflicts or other challenges the students envision in completing the program successfully with their class.

Disabled Student Services

SANS Technology Institute is committed to assisting course participants with disabilities. SANS will provide the following at no additional cost to the employers of participants with disabilities: an additional seat in the classroom and an additional set of course materials for Auxiliary Aides and/or the course notes in computer-readable format, as requested by the participant's employer. The employer of the participant shall be responsible for all other costs of any necessary accommodation, including arranging and paying for Auxiliary Aides. The employer may call (301) 654-SANS(7267) to request that SANS Technology Institute make the arrangements for Auxiliary Aides and bill the costs to the employer. It is the responsibility of the employer to confirm with SANS all such arrangements at least four weeks before the course begins.

Religious Observances

The majority of courses are offered multiple times per year, so, in general, a student should be able to avoid being scheduled in class on a major religious holiday. SANS Technology Institute prohibits scheduling examinations on the following religious holidays: Good Friday, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur.

Students who miss a course session because of an observance of their religious beliefs will be allowed to make up missed examinations or class work and will have access to any handouts or other material distributed in class and will have the opportunity to review any lecture notes or slides presented in class.

Student Security Information Services

The challenges of information security are constantly evolving, and excellence in performance demands continuous monitoring of changes in threats, technology, and practices. SANS conducts an extensive research program that will help SANS Technology Institute students and alumni maintain their edge in security. All of these services are available at no cost to SANS Technology Institute alumni and students.