Students: Presentations and Projects


Research Presentations

In the master's degree program, students are required to conduct independent research and publish their findings in 15-20 page research papers. Students then present their work to the community at both live SANS events and online via webcasts.

Students must schedule their first presentation at a live SANS event. With approval from faculty, students may elect to give their second presentation in a webcast.

Students should register to begin the presentation course at least 90 days prior to desired presentation date.

Slide deck template available for download here .

Group Projects

Master's candidates must complete two group projects: One, a 24-hour situational response practicum in person. The other, a 30-day information security project completed at a distance.

Students may request to work with each other or will be assigned to groups based on location and availability. In both cases, groups are made up of 2 to 3 students.

Students should register for group project courses at least 90 days prior to desired start date.