Work Study: Essay

Work Study:

Work Study Leadership Essay

Assignment Checklist/ Rubric
Updated November 7, 2010

Assignment Guidelines (NOTE: This section about work study and reflections does NOT apply to students admitted to STI after September 25, 2012)

Students will write an essay about what they learned about leadership as a result of performing WorkStudy. To prepare them for Work Study and for writing this essay, students must read the leadership essay at before they undertake Work Study. The essay will be due within two weeks after WorkStudy (not to exceed 2 to 3 typed pages; single spaced; double spaced between paragraphs). Performance on the essay will be evaluated by SANS Technology Institute. The student will be graded on a pass/fail basis, but that may change in the future.

The essay should be more than just a summary of the week and should focus on one or two specific events where the student learned something about leadership. In your essay please include the following:

  1. Include 4 sources regarding leadership competencies. One must be President Northcutt's Leadership Article (available at The references should support the leadership competencies you utilized or experienced during Work Study. Please focus on 1-2 specific events and expand upon them in the essay.
  2. Discuss your ability to work well in a team setting at this Work Study experience.
  3. Discuss your level and quality of participation.
  4. Other insights you would like to share regarding your Work Study experience (i.e. things you learned; how you connected with peers, faculty or other professionals; etc.).

Scoring (Pass/Fail)

You will receive credit for this assignment based on the following guidelines:

  1. Quality of writing. (A quality paper will have good to excellent content and/or structure, clean spelling and good to excellent use of language).
  2. Was there depth in the student's reflections regarding the Work Study assignment?
  3. Did the student follow the assignment guidelines?