Presentation: Reflection Essay Assignment



Reflection Essay Assignment
Updated November 7, 2010

Assignment Guidelines

Before presentation grade will be entered for a student, the student must provide Reflections within 2 weeks after the presentation is given. Student will submit to a written document not to exceed 2 to 3 typed pages (single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs) reflecting on student's own performance and student's use of leadership skills, and on the partner's performance and the partner's use of leadership skills. Please refer to President Northcutt's essay on leadership (located @ before beginning this assignment.

The reflection should be more than just a summary of the assignment and should include:

  1. Individual performance
    1. Discuss your overall impressions of the assignment and your performance.
    2. Discuss presentation techniques utilized to help your performance.
    3. Discuss how you prepared for the presentation.
  2. Improvement
    1. If this was your second presentation discuss how you felt this presentation compared to your 1st presentation.
    2. Discuss any changes you made to improve your performance during your 2nd presentation compared to your 1st presentation.
    3. If this was your first presentation discuss 2 - 3 areas you will improve for the next presentation.

Scoring (Pass/Fail)

You will receive credit for this assignment based on the following guidelines:

  1. Quality of writing. (A quality paper will have good to excellent content and/or structure, clean spelling and good to excellent use of language).
  2. Was there depth in the student's reflections regarding the Presentation assignment?
  3. Did the student follow the assignment guidelines?