MGT 404: Grading Rubric

MGT 404:

MGT 404: Fundamentals of Info Sec Policy

The below assignment covers BOTH the substitute for the exam and the written assignment for MGT 404 Fundamentals of Info Sec Policy:

  • Student's proposed topics must be submitted to for review before student starts.
  • The student will write TWO policies.
  • One policy will be a UNIQUE policy - same approximate length as the policies in the SANS Policies Archive. It must be a unique one, not one already posted in the SANS Policies Archive or anywhere on
  • The other policy will be an EXISTING policy from the policy website that student will improve and update. It will be assigned by STI (or student can request a specific one for STI's consideration).
  • For EACH policy, student also will prepare a related poster or related short presentation (5 slides).
  • It must be graduate level work.
  • Student will use the "Policy Assessment Rubric" provided below, and provide STI with the results of student's scoring.
  • STI will grade the assignments. Passing papers will be posted at Student Projects and/or the SANS Information Security Policy Templates Page.


Please score your policy and provide supporting examples to the following questions:

  • A score of 1 - 3 indicates the policy does not meet this objective.
  • A score of 4 - 7 would be given to policies that partially meet the objective.
  • Policy that meets the objective can be scored 8 to 10.
  • At the completion of the exercise, add all of your scores and divide by 6. This will give you an indicator as to the quality of the policy.

Is this policy fragment clear and concise? __

Does it set SMART objectives? __

Does it contain the 5 W's (who, what, where, when, why)? __

Does it outline responsibility and compliance? __

Does it designate the actions required? __

Does it provide sufficient guidance from which a specific procedure can be developed? __