MGT 305: Grading Rubric

MGT 305:

M305 Assessment Rubric

Student Name
ORAL Presentation - 50% of total Grader Comments Raw Score
Timing Appropriate allocation of time within the presentation given that this is a short presentation with little or no preparation. Students should not be penalized if they are not finished in time or if they run reasonably short. The question is if they use the time allotted effectively.
Eye Contact Comfortable looking at the audience, allowing for a conversational manner.
Poise (Overall degree of comfort and control when speaking to an audience)
Naturalness (At ease when speaking, ability to have a conversation with the audience)
Engagement Actively engages the audience through questions, body language, observation. The student need not demonstrate every element to be considered effective.
Appropriate Volume (Volume appropriate to environment. Loud enough to hear, not overpowering, handling distractions)
Modulation (Variation of pitch, power and pace throughout delivery)
Word Whiskers Ability to avoid distracting "fillers" like "er", "uh", "um." Also includes overuse of "like", "you know", etc. Again, the question is if it is distracting.
Fluency (Ability to convey complete thoughts effectively through good word choice)
Logical Development (Presentation demonstrates an overall plan. Audience able to follow argument)
Pausing (Appropriate pausing for change in topic, thought and for emphasis)
Coherence (Ability to convey thoughts clearly)
Motivating (Able to hold attention, convince audience of a need for action)
Illustrations (Able to relate complex concepts with simple examples, stories or illustrations)
Appropriate level of knowledge (Reasonable competence in the topic area conveyed)
Effective use of materials Ability to connect the discussion to the materials or to use the materials to drive the conversation forward effectively.
Ability to handle questions effectively (Questions restated, knowledgeable and reasonable, handling of off-topic questions, etc.) Should there be no questions it should be assumed that the student meets the standard by default.
Title/Objective Objective of talk made clear in the materials. Title tends to indicate this objective can be met.
Structure Organization and progression of slides and content supports overall theme.
Language Thoughts contained within slides are clear. Language in slides serves to lead the discussion or serves as an effective outline for the speaker.

Note to Grader:

Please record your evaluated scores in the "Raw Score" column using numbers from zero through ten. Ten indicates mastery or an outstanding example of the particular skill. It is useful to assume that the presentation is average and that average is passing. You should be able to justify why and how the student deviates in either a positive or negative way.

Please use the following legend as a general guide:

0 - 1 Inadequate
2 Below Standard
3 Meets Standard
4 Exceeds Standard
5 Exemplary