Alexander Braulik

Alexander Braulik is a Cyber Security Expert at the Deutsche Bahn CSIRT. He comes from a background in forensic investigations across Windows, MacOS, and Linux hosts, to leading, planning and executing red team exercises, positioning him well for now running purple team exercises for the national railway. He also provides cyber threat analytics, SIEM use case development, as well as Digital Forensic & Incident Response.

Technical challenges and nitty-gritty details always fascinated Alexander which led him into the IT field. What brought him to Information Security was the human factor. “Behind every phishing mail send, malware deployed or information stolen there is a human being with an intent and goal. I find the adversarial human relationship between attackers and defenders fascinating.” Now specializing in purple teaming and active defense, he enjoys the thrill of the hunt for adversaries along the kill chain.

Alexander holds GCIH, GDAT, GPEN, GXPN, and GCFA certifications. In his spare time infosec conferences and CCC events are his natural habitat, where he can be found seeking new additions to his ever-growing collection of hoodies. For leisure he likes to listen to industrial music, lift weights, climb boulders or immerse in VR gaming.