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This series will include press releases from The SANS Institute covering computer, network, and information security training.

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Press Release: MAC OSX now supported in SEC508 (Systems Forensics, Investigation and Response)

Rob Lee

The SANS Institute
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MAC OSX now supported in SANS System Forensics, Investigation & Response SEC 508
Major update to SANS Forensics course

Rob Lee announced today, "I am pleased to announce that my course now supports a student who wishes to bring a Intel Based MAC to the course. I performed a final live test with it this past week here in VA Beach with several students using a Intel Based MAC in the course."

When asked how this was done, he replied, "This is accomplished by doing all of the exercises and course via handing out VMWARE images on a DVD and requiring the students to bring a VMWARE image of a Windows Distro. I have been using a DVD for the course materials since Jan 2007 and have had no issues with students not having a DVD player. Now that VMWARE Fusion 1.0 has been released, an Intel Based MAC can also take part in every segment of the course that we teach so the student does not have to find a working laptop, just bring their own MACs."

This is certainly welcome news, many SANS students have been clamoring to bring MACs to Security 508 for a long time.

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