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Press Release: GIAC program change to all proctored exams

By Stephen Northcutt

The SANS Institute
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Announcing GIAC program change to all proctored exams

As GIAC moves forward with our ANSI 17024 accreditation process, all GIAC certification exams will be administered in a proctored environment. Administering all certification exams in a proctored environment will raise the credibility of the GIAC program and the certifications that individuals hold. Currently, GIAC offers proctored exams for some certifications; the existing proctored program has been in place for more than 12 months.

All GIAC certifications previously earned by individuals will continue to be valid. The date for all new GIAC certification attempts to be administered in a proctored environment will be December 1st, 2007.

Any certification attempt started after December 1st, 2007 will fall fully under the proctored program.

Any existing non-proctored certification attempts that have not expired as of December 1st, 2007 will not fall under this program change, since the change was announced after specific applications have been accepted. Because GIAC certification attempts have a four month validity period, there will be a transition phase.

Proctored exams will be administered through established proctored test centers and information will be available soon regarding test center locations and scheduling procedures. The cost for proctored certification attempts will be $499 and no additional fees will need to be paid by the candidates to established proctored test centers. In cases where an established proctored test center is not available to a candidate in a particular geographical area, GIAC will work with candidates to follow procedures outlined in the established GIAC proctor program.

This shift to full proctoring will bring the GIAC program in line with international standards for high stakes certification programs. Although there will be a transition period and this will be a change in testing procedures, the GIAC Certification program and the certifications granted will be stronger for it.

More information will be available soon regarding scheduling procedures and proctored exam locations.

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