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Stephen Northcutt, an Information Security Researcher, United Airlines 1k, Writer and Instructor, documents the struggles of the travel and hospitality industries as we all face continually increasing energy costs. He and his peers share their travel experiences and give you quick tips and short reviews of the companies they do business with as they travel. If you came across this article because of a Google search, what you want is probably here, just use find with your browser (CTRL - F), it is easier than reading from top to bottom; however, you may get some useful tips if you stick around and read. Each major cluster of trips is documented in a separate file.

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Information Security Travel Guide Edition 19 - Stephen Northcutt

By Stephen Northcutt
For several years Stephen Northcutt has been documenting business (and a small amount of personal) travel as he works as a researcher of security management. He has blogged through the United bankruptcy, the great recession, the recovery with its fits and starts, and documents the way travel keeps getting harder while at the same time more expensive. From time to time he will have a travel tip to share. We welcome you to this edition of the Infosec Travel Guide.

[Sunday/Monday, September 25/26, 2011] The New Strategic Planning Course

I am starting to get tired. Two more days and, thank heavens, my newest course MGT520: IT Security Strategic Planning has some labs to run so I will be able to sit down. Both days, getting up and getting fed and setting up in the classroom took sheer will power. I am also very tired of Caesars Palace scrambled eggs. Had a couple hiccups in the class, the courseware and the books did not match. Also, my Synectics lab blew up in my face. I will never attempt that live again, waaaaay too many things can go wrong.

[Saturday, September, 24, 2011] Bradley Ogden

Business dinner with Eric Cole. Good food, good service, high prices :) Saturday, I taught MGT 421 Leadership and Management Competencies. This is a required one-day course for the SANS Technology Institute, our graduate school that focuses on IT security. We believe you have to be able to lead others in order to implement security, so that is why this is a core course at the college.

[Friday, September, 23, 2011] The Palms Special for Two

Kathy is closing the show floor here at SANS Network Security 2011 and I still have three events to grade, but we snuck away for an early dinner at the Palm Restaurant. It was a great experience. We had the Steak and Lobster Special for Two for US$85. Food was great, service was great, love the atmosphere. I hope we get a chance to go back there, maybe I can join their dining club. The decor is interesting, they have caricatures of many people (they are probably all famous in one way or another) and also original cartoons by famous artists. We have been to one other Palm in Washington DC and we had a great experience then as well.

[Saturday, September, 17, 2011] Travel to Vegas - United screws it best customers

I am always paranoid and like to leave early for the airport. Good thing. We got there and a flustered United employee was telling people which line to stand in. There was only one counter processing the Global Services, First Class and 1k people, and for ten minutes we did not move. I tried to check in online, last night, did not work. Diane called the 1k desk, no joy. Kathy called, no joy. I realized that the way things are going we would miss our flight. I called United's 1k number and got the least helpful person I have ever spoken to, but asked them to call the United manager at SEATAC and balance the line. Then I saw it, a check-in terminal labeled international first class with no one in front of it. I asked Kathy to give it a try; still could not access our reservation. But a United person came over and we were saved. As I was leaving the area, I heard a mom with a toddler on a phone saying "I missed my flight because I got in the 1k line", how ironic. This sort of total incompetence is not normal for United, I fly them every couple of weeks. However, the flustered lady and the airport manager should be fired because if you screw the 1ks you will be back in bankruptcy faster than you can say Continental merger. Flight 698 from Seattle to San Francisco was on time. I was in a middle seat; jeepers, when a 1K can't get an aisle seat, something is crazy, but it was the exit row. We had a one hour layover at SFO, which was great - enough time to drop into the Red Carpet lounge and refill the tea in our thermos. With flight 753 to Las Vegas, our luck turned. We scored first class, it was on time, a friendly crew. Caesars was kind enough to send a car to pick us up. Good thing, we are packing heavy with a plan to leave one suiter behind in Vegas. It was a cheap American Tourister that we packed too heavy once and its wheels bent and now it drags instead of rolling. Well, now it turns out we are probably leaving two suiters; the other was a pretty neat design, high quality, Samsonite spinner, but it lost a wheel on the trip. I am certainly not going to try to get it fixed in Vegas. It would have been a hassle to move those bags without help, but we had help. We had a working supper at Neros. It is going to close tomorrow forever. I tried a Bison Filet, which tastes exactly like a Beef Filet. It will be interesting to see which restaurant replaces it and how that works out.

[Friday, September, 16, 2011] Last Day in Seattle

Today is the classic blue sky, no clouds, Northwest incredible day. Kathy and I took the canoe out. She loves her 14' Yolo Paddle Board, but we thought it would be fun to cruise quietly and together. It was a little too chilly to take my shirt off, but I did, this will be the last sunshine for tanning purposes that I get in Seattle this year. It was a good visit here; we drove down to Sumner on Saturday for the wine walk then had early supper at the Windmill Bistro which is under new management as of September 1. Kathy had a bowl of Clam Chowder (fantastic), I had the half sandwich half salad, Turkey Club and Chop Salad (OK, not great).

[Wednesday, September, 10, 2011] A Glorious Day in Seattle

Friday, we had an early pickup from James Limo and headed to the airport in Richmond to relocate to Seattle. United 5339 was on time and we both slept so I have not idea what the service was like. In Chicago, we had enough time before our next flight to drop into the Red Carpet Club ( soon to be renamed to the United Lounge) and make hot tea. We decided to walk from F terminal to C terminal for the exercise. Along the way we saw a Jamba Juice, Kathy got a 16oz. Carrot juice and I got a Carrot/Orange. We also stopped to read the plaque. United 241 was also on time, had a great flight crew, excellent service. Lunch was either the Turkey Sandwich or the Salad with cold chicken. Neither is that good, but Kathy got the salad, I ate the turkey. Starline Limo was on time to pick us up. Our Yoloboard, stand up paddle boards, had arrived and were in our bedroom. So, we took them down to the lake. After that we were too tired to continue on; Kathy started setting up the house and we went out for food.

[Wednesday. September, 7, 2011] Business Meetings in Fredericksburg VA

Tuesday, I drove up to the NOC in Fredericksburg for business meetings. We are working on our plans for the next 12 - 18 months. It is a bit of an investment to fly the whole team and four executives, but I think it will be worth its weight in gold. We hit it hard and catered lunch from Panera, it was quite good, their chocolate cookies wth white choclate chips are awesome. We had a reservation with the Marriott Residence Inn located in Towne Centre; my suite was huge and the room was fairly clean, though there was some debris stuck on the outside of the tub. After we knocked off at 7 PM, we headed for the hotel; my GPS could not find it. Must be fairly common, I called and a lady gave me directions. Next we had a job interview to do. We decided to do the interview over late dinner at Splitsville. I had the Mahi and it was OK. Then back to the hotel, didn't even get online, just tried to work on the planning document for the next day.

Today we worked hard and managed to get done early. I was really glad. With the tropical storm and warnings of flash flooding I was hoping to drive back to Richmond in daylight. I just stayed in the right lane, the rain was not so bad, but it was also slightly foggy; glad I did not have to drive further.

[Sunday. September, 4, 2011] Labor Day Weekend in Richmond VA

My heart goes out to the people that lost power or had trees fall on their homes. We were fairly lucky, we had power, Internet got scrambled, but we were able to get through the week. Friday night we went to CineBistro with Norma to watch Sara's Key. What a heavy movie. I am glad I saw it, but it is a reminder of the depravity of man. Saturday, I put in the best work day I could considering the amount of bandwidth that was available. Tonight we wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens, but being new to Richmond went to the wrong theater and ended up changing to The Help (Flash required for this link, if you do not want to expose Flash try this link for the help). What a great movie! Highly recommended. I was born in the deep south and lived there most of my youth and had a black maid as both of my parents worked. So, I was really relating to the movie on a number of levels. We ate dinner at Osaka Sushi and Steakhouse. This is a lot like Kintaro on Kauai, they have a Sushi bar, regular tables with menu service, plus the Teppanyaki tables. We both had the Hibachi Deluxe off the menu, a combination of lobster, shrimp and filet, what is not to like? Prices seemed reasonable as well. After the meal, we wandered over to the movie.

[Saturday, August 27, 2011] Hurricane Irene in Richmond VA

The rains came today. We have five trees down within eyesight from our house. However, we have plenty of food and the power has been on most of the day, that is truly a blessing. The sun has set so I have an emergency candle lantern already on. Have a flashlight on my belt, have one by the bed. Have battery powered lanterns in our bedroom and the kitchen. I just do not know how much more prepared we can be. I know many people are without power tonight and my heart goes out to them.

[Thursday, August 25, 2011] Going to Virginia Beach? Really?

Yup, as Hurricane Irene works her way up the coast we are headed for VA Beach. I know it sounds nuts, but we have a couple of reasons. One is to try to get in place for teaching at SANS VA Beach 2011 in case they close the barriers. So, once we got settled into the conference hotel, we took Lana to dinner at the Isle of Capri at the Holiday Inn. Wonderful restaurant that does not disappoint. Friday morning, the decision was made to to cancel the 2nd week of VA Beach classes, so I went down to help the team pack up and then Kathy and I headed out. The sign on the highway said there was an 8 mile backup at the I 64 tunnel, but no backup at the I 664 tunnel. Only problem is, I had no idea where the I 664 tunnel was. I put the Garmin Nuvi into map mode, but when I zoomed out it did not show roads; great. Kathy called her brother Trey and he said if you stay on 64 you will get to the Monitor-Merrimac Bridge. I also asked Kathy to try Google Maps on my Android phone, but it was stuck in a different state, she didn't know how to change it and I was driving. This is a simple thing Garmin and Google, people need directions, true, but they also need maps. I should be able to use a digital product to make a decision about my route.

We did run into traffic before we got to I 664, there is some much smaller tunnel apparently in downtown Norfolk. There was about a two mile backup. Unfortunately you had to be in the two right lanes to get into position for that tunnel and I was in the left lane. So I kept driving and the Garmin "recalculated" and told me to take a left hand exit, I did three right hand turns and what do you know, I was in position for that tunnel waaaaay ahead of the people that knew to be in the right hand lanes. True to form, when we got to the I 664 tunnel there was no line. We popped through it and drove about 30 minutes and merged with I 64 near Newport News which was at a total crawl. I needed to do a business phone call anyway, so we pulled off of I 64 into some mall. Did the call and looked for a place to eat. We found a BBQ place called Smokey Bones. Kathy had the Brisket platter, I had the Turkey Cuban. The food was OK, not great, but I liked their Chipotle sauce and that made the Cuban more fun. We got back on I 64 and it was dicey driving, but we made it to Richmond about 7:00 P.M. I dropped Kathy off at the house and went to Wal-Mart. It was insane, the parking lot was full. Most people had huge cases of bottled water in their carts (whatever happened to fill your bathtub with water for drinking).

[Tuesday, August 23, 2011] Getting Into Position At SEATAC

Tomorrow they are going to tear the shingles off our house and we did not think that sounded like fun, so we decided to check into an airport hotel, the Doubletree at SEATAC. Starline Limo came at 8:00 P.M. and it was about a 45 minute drive. We checked in at the hotel, the good news is that our room was not going to have elevator and ice machine noise. The bad news is that it was all the way at the end of the hall. When we opened the room, there were already people in it. I told Kathy we had to go and a gentleman raced to the door, he was a bit excited, but I showed him my room folio and he calmed down. We got a new room and since we are packing heavy, Kathy stayed with the bags and I went to check it out. Lights out, empty room. Other than two hairs in the tub shower, it is pretty clean.

I tried the new "upgrade" option Hilton has. Went for the corner room option. It is nice having glass on two sides, especially since we are going to be in the room the entire day. Unfortunately, the two glass sides both face the highway so there is a lot of road noise. Wednesday, we got up and hit the office work hard. The balcony is huge, but it has no chairs. That is OK, I do not really want to watch the cars drive by. I think I missed the boat, apparently one of the access options is to be able to use the Executive Lounge.

[Monday, August 22, 2011] Rainy day in Seattle

The weekend was glorious. Today the clouds rolled in. I am thankful. Yes, I would have preferred one more day canoeing, but the plants needed water, it can be dry here in the summer. We need to accelerate our return to the East Coast, so we are leaving tomorrow to get into position in an airport hotel and do as much office work from there as possible.

[Saturday, August 20, 2011] Back Home in Seattle

Yesterday was a travel day, we left the hotel at 7:15 A.M. and had no trouble getting through the Lansing airport (LAN) which is called Capitol City Airport. UA 5850 was on time and we landed in Chicago uneventfully. However, we were in an entirely different concourse than our next flight. We found a sign that said shuttle to Concourse C, so we waited in a long line that did not move for ten minutes. Finally, I looked out the window and a vehicle best described as a small bus or large van was pulling up. I looked at the line, looked at the shuttle, realized we were not going to be on that bus, so I told Kathy we had to hike it. She wasn't feeling great and I wish there was an alternative, but this was the only way to be sure we were going to board our next plane. We made it one minute before they started boarding. UA 561 was on time, they served breakfast in first class, we both had the Omelet. Bags came out quickly in Seattle, Starline Limo picked us up and we got home. We are doing a small remodel and so everything in the house was piled up, but all the work they have done looks good. Our builder is and Chris Welch has been easy to work with.

Woke up this morning on East Coast time, but was able to take care of some office chores.

[Thursday, August 18, 2011] Getting Into Position To Teach

We left our hotel for a drive around the area ending up in Eaton Rapids at The English Inn. Nice place, we were in the Somerset room which is very nice. Before the meeting I met with my hosts and we had dinner together, I had the Whitefish and Lobster which was very fine. Kathy and I had a good night's sleep and then we got up early to do the job. My clients were very nice, smart people, but I had a demanding day, 293 powerpoint slides in 6.5 teaching hours. We got the job done and I hope we did some good. After the class, we relocated to the Marriott at University Place. It claims to be an airport hotel, but it is not. If you are flying you would be wise to avoid this hotel. Somehow, we will get to the airport tomorrow. We decided to turn our rental car in tonight. I know that sounds crazy with the fake hotel shuttle thing, but I am spent, it has been twelve days on the road, AUG 6 to AUG 18 with one more to go, and I don't feel fit to drive the rental car early in the morning. So we went to the airport which is named something other than LAN, but we found it. We got back to the hotel in a taxi. The Marriott told me to call and they would send a taxi. So I called, no answer, no surprise, this was actually the third time I tried to call. We walked back to the taxi stand and they made us get in a Taxi Van from Big Daddy Taxi, this is a MUST TO AVOID. The driver was insane, the cab was old and in bad shape. There was no seat belt for me and I was between the two front seats looking at the windshield. The good news? At least there was a crack along the entire bottom of the windshield, so if we hit something and I had to fly through it, maybe it would be totally destroyed and not eat me up if I had to return. The driver was a piece of work, cursing, honking; it was the second worse taxi ride in my entire life. And of course he did not have a receipt. I cannot believe Michigan lets this company operate, some politician is clearly on the take.

For dinner, we found an interesting place. The check calls it Woody's Oasis. It is a Mediterranean venue. Very generous portions of food, mostly cooked and spiced well. Kathy and I shared an Isreali bottle of wine from Galilee, Recanati Cabernet Savignon, excelllent. I had the Appetizer Sampler and Seafood Kebab and Kathy had the Veggie Kibbe Entree. The Rice and Lentil soup was horrid, and the Chicken Schwarma was dry enough to serve as dessicant, but everything else was pretty good. I would return. The service, Courtney, was poor, but we were burnt out from travel, and the fact that every request for something like water took 5 - 7 minutes was OK actually, we were just zoning.

[Tuesday, August 16, 2011] Travel Boston to Lansing

The taxi companies in Boston would not schedule ahead of time, they said call an hour ahead, we needed a van because we are traveling heavy. We called Boston Cab and the guy did not seem to get it. So we called again and he seemed to get it, but when we got down to the parking garage at 6:00 A.M., no van. Then the hotel called and they said one was on its way. One showed up and then another. We got to the airport, United 881 to Chicago was on time. My right ear did not clear, I think there was mold in the Hyatt Boston because both Kathy and I were impacted by the time we left. I carry a special type of earplugs called Earplanes. As soon as I realized I was in trouble, I stuck them in. My ear is still popping, but should be ready to fly by Friday. We had a long layover in Chicago, but that gives us a chance to catch up on work. Then we had lunch at Stefani's Tuscany Cafe near B gates. That was some of the best airport food we have ever had. The bread service was awesome; Kathy had the Salmone Forno and I had the Affumicatta Pizza, both were great. The puddle jumper to Lansing, United 5896, was slightly delayed due to having to change a tire on the plane. It was funny, Kathy commented that it sounded like a huge jack had been attached to the plane and a minute later the pilot told us about the tire. Short 35 minute flight to Lansing. We are staying at the Lexington Lansing a semi-independent hotel, it seems to be clean and well run. For supper we went to Dusty's Cellar (which is a restaurant). It is kind of neat, but the food was not impressive. I had the big gun, the Seafood Pan Baked dish, essentially a mixed grill. Kathy had the Almond Encrusted White Fish. I will say the portions were generous. The place has a lot of character, but the restaurant was almost empty and they seated us next to a noisy table. The tables and reception area are made of repurposed wine crates covered with resin. And for the second time today, we had excellent service from Bethany G.

[Monday, August 15, 2011] Rainy day in Boston

It has been raining all day. I finished teaching Security Policy in Depth. Even after adding a bunch of new policies and other material to the course we still finished early. So, I need to add something like 45 slides to the course. Fortunately, we have a lot of policies to work with. Tomorrow we fly to Lansing and our flight takes off at 8:00 A.M. so we will have to

[Saturday, August 13, 2011] SANS Leadership Competencies

What a fun day! I love to teach leadership, mainly because I need to keep exposing myself to knowledge, skills and abilities I need to continue to master. We typically finish about 3:30 in the afternoon sp Kathy and I did a walking tour of Boston and had an early dinner at Union Oyster House, America's oldest restaurant. We shared the Hot Oyster Sampler (Union Grilled Oysters • Baked Stuffed Cherrystones • Clams Casino • Oysters Rockefeller • Shrimp Scampi), Kathy had the Mussels Basque Style and I had a bowl of Clam Chowder. Yum!

[Friday, August 12, 2011] Talks at #SANSBoston

Last night I gave a talk so we neeeded to get fast food. We found a sandwich shop called Chacarero, a Chilean style place. That was fun! Tonight after class I give the GIAC talk and then have a chance to brief folks on our Computer Security College, the SANS Technology Institute.

[Monday, August 8, 2011] MGT 512 in Boston

Keith Palmgren is the instructor of MGT 512, Security Leadership Essentials and I will be following along with my books. I got to class early and have been reading the Chronicle of Higher Education July 29 edition. There is an article on senior professsors and how they retire. That really got me thinking about SANS. Maybe we should make some information available. The Wall Street Journal August 8 has information from financial planner George Papadopoulos on Social Security. He does not count on any Social Security for clients in their 30s, 50% projected benefit for clients in their 40s and 50s and 75% expected benefit for clients in their 60s. Another concern is inflation, because of the S&P downgrade of the U.S. credit, there is a good chance that at some point during this week TIP, one of the largest Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) will be available at a discount at some point during the day.

I read an interesting commentary by Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School and Henry Eyring, Brigam Young titled How to save the traditional university, from the inside out. They list the core functions of traditional universities as:

  • The discovery of knowledge
  • Serving as conservators and promulgators of our cultural memories (Educators talk funny)
  • Mentoring grounds for the rising generation
This really struck a chord. For over a decade, we have been doing research in information security, discovering knowledge. At our computer security college,, we are a little less focused on cultural memories per se, but students have been very clear in the comments throughout the years that the "war stories" the faculty tell are very important in assimilating the information. Facts without the real world scenarios are not enough. We also take the mentoring process very seriously and I would like to see even more emphasis on this.

The article goes on to talk about the most discussed topic of all in higher education these days, limited funds. They mention online hybrid training and see real promise, in their own words, "This kind of hybrid learning holds the potential to create not only the equivalent of an Industrial Revolution in higher education, but also a learning renaissance." This is very exciting. We have been experiementing with our .edu customers with teaching hundreds of students. It has its problems, but I am glad that we are experimenting with it. And when you reach those numbers, you can get the cost per student to drop.

The next pearl of wisdom for me was that most higher education institutions keep tying to grow and expand beyond their core competence. They point out this must increase the cost per degree granted. has always had a laser focus on security. And Mason Brown has done a great job holding us accountable to manage our "shelf space".

The last take away for me was that the key to innovation according to the authors, "will mean defining scholarship more broadly than traditional research and publication. The scholarship of teaching, in particular, has been overlooked for too long." Pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching, has always been a core focus at SANS. Our consultant, Michael Dolence, has been telling us we are way ahead and to be honest, I sort of agreed, but really felt he was stroking our egos. Actually, I am certain he was stroking our egos, but the more I read about higher education, the more I am convinced that we are more or less on the right path.

[Saturday, August 6, 2011] Redeye to Boston

Time to go to work after a short vacation in Hawaii. We took the redeye from Lihue to San Francisco; United 541 was on time and the service was actually very good for a redeye. There was only a short wait for the next flight so we went directly to our gate. United 226 had the most capable purser I have seen in a long time. Sorry, I missed his name, but he was Irish and very much in command. They almost came by too often. The movie was Water for Elephants. I skipped it, it looked too distrubing for me. We landed in the rain and finally managed to hire a taxi. As we were driving to the hotel the rain ended and the sun came out. Kathy and I went to UFOOD Grill, I just love that place. I had the Free Range Bison Burger and Kathy had several healthy sides. I did not sleep much on the plane and have to grade a student presentation at 7:00 P.M. so I may lay my head down for a few minutes.

[Friday, August 5, 2011] Dinner party at my house

When we used to live in Hawaii, Kathy and I threw a dinner party almost every Friday. Now that we only visit the island a few weeks a year, it is harder. But we managed to pull it off this time. Theme: Fusion tastes from around the world. I know, I know, I have never used the term fusion before, but I am going to really try to live up to the concept. Our goal for this playlist is to use ingredients available on island (especially breadfruit and banana) with flavor themes from the Mediterranean, Asia, Mexico and New Orleans Creole.

Act 1 Pupus (people standing around talking):

  • Sun Dried Tomato Hummus made from mini chick peas
  • Camarones (shrimp) Diablo Dip
  • House Smoked Salmon Dip
  • Tostados for dipping
  • Chicken Falafel

Act 2 Starters (people seated at table):

  • Seven pepper Chickpea Breadfruit Gumbo in Souper Bowl bowls
  • Banana Sorbet to cleanse palate in small hand thrown cups

Act 3 Mains (small plate service):

  • Breadfruit Mediterranean
  • Turkey Italian Sausage Balls (1 ea)
  • Turkey Tandoori Meat Balls (1 ea)
  • Scallopped Potatoes with Saffron and Goat Cheese
  • House Smoked Brined Salmon Al Forno
  • Chicken and Asparagus with Chickpea BBQ sauce
  • Coconut/Pomegranate Sorbet to cleanse palate


  • Banana Breadfruit Pudding w Cacao swirls

[Wednesday, August 3, 2011] Sailing on Hanalei Bay

After work Rudy Bosma came over and we took the Heritage 18 out on Hanalei Bay. The tradewinds have died down just a bit and that is perfect for sailing a small boat like the Heritage. Rudy is a great coach and I really appreciated his insights as well as the opportunity to catch up. We got back in the dark, but the garage soffit lights were enough to see by as we gave everything a fresh water wash down. Then a late supper, but I was very happy.

[July 31, 2011] Church at Calvary Chapel Lihue

Calvary Chapel Kauai is sponsoring a church plant in Lihue so we went and visited. The pastor, Bruce Baugardner is one of the best teachers I have heard in a long time. Awesome. We haven't done one of our dinner parties in a long time and we are going to throw one this Friday. Since today is Sunday, the only dishes I can prepare this early are the higher salt dishes because they can stay food safe. I bought some ground turkey on the way home and did my version of a low fat Italian Sausage and Tandoori Meatballs. I have those sitting in the office fridge.

[Friday, July 29, 2011] Flying to Lihue

We are in the middle of a very complicated property sale and thought it would be best to come back to Kauai. James Limo was on time and Kathy and I flew Continental for the first time. It was ontime and we slept all the way to Newark Liberty Airport on UA 4489. There was only a short wait in the airport and we boarded UA 1485 to LAX. We were in row 7 seated next to Elizabeth Ziff, guitar/vocalist from BETTY band. She was certainly nice and approachable enough. I liked the service on the flight and the fact you could pick you movies. I watched Battle Los Angeles and it was a fun movie, but I am really excited about Cowboys and Aliens. There was still enough time to watch Limitless, glad I saw that on a plane, I would not want to spend the money to see it in a theater, but nice attempt at a twist at the end.

[July 23, 24] First beta of the Strategic Planning Course

Gosh that was exciting. I think it went well for a first beta, but clearly there are things that need to be adjusted. However, it was fantastic to get my head wrapped around strategic planning the day before the SANS strategic planning retreat. After the class was over, we relocated to the Hilton Garden Inn in Bethesda for the retreat. Tuesday night we drove to Richmond VA in the thick of the rushhour. Great reminder of what I do not want out of life.

[July 17 - 22] Management 512 Security Leadership Essentials at SANSFIRE

Sunday I taught day 1 of my class, Security Leadership Essentials. I think this is going to be a good class. I was very energetic, (I am a little like a television evangelist, running around, jumping up and down, when I teach) and slightly spun my body out of whack. Not a problem, I am used to the first day being the hardest. My legs took it the hardest and I thought we would eat in the hotel, but when we looked at the menu, we decided I had enough pluck left to walk back to Buca. I had the Lobster Pizza and Kathy had the Mussels.

We didn't get out much, the schedule was too tight, but the conference went well and that is always a blessing. We had an STI commencement ceremony followed by a private dinner and the hotel really took out the stops in both the food and the service, I hated to leave, however duty called. Sadly, we are having trouble with our contracts with the Hilton in the 2012 and 2013 events, apparently the Washington Hilton overbooked. We will see how that goes. We had a couple of nice dinners, one at Bistrot Du Coin and then right next door at the Greek restaurant with the ship decor.

[July 15 - 16, 2011] IPv6 Summit and Management 421 Leadership Competencies

I had a wonderful time at the IPv6 summit. I was astounded at the level of knowledge Joe Klein and Richard Porter exhibited. They are truly national treasures. And they really impressed me how important IPv6 deployment information is going to be. Kathy has taken the train to Richmond, so for supper, I walked to Subway and had the 12" club. Yummm. Saturday I taught the SANS Leadership course, I enjoyed it and I hope it went well and it was helpful to some of the people. Kathy wasn't back yet, so I snuck down to Flipping Pizza and enjoyed two slices and a drink for $6 tax included. I had the Triboro and the Brooklyn, they have a very New York friendly menu.

[July 13, 2011] Rebooked from Kauai to Washington D.C.

My cell phone just rang, it was the United robot. Kathy and I were scheduled to flly United 488 to LAX and then on the IAD. The robot said that my flight was a couple hours late due to late arriving aircraft. Then they called again and it was two more hours late, from 8:55 P.M. to sometime in the 1 A.M. zone. But they have already rebooked us on flight 914 to SFO and then on to IAD.

This turned out to be a real riches to rags experience. United 541 was a 767 Premium. I had been concerned because we were booked into row 1 and I do not like bulkheads, but not to worry, this was an entire lay down flat pod like they have on international flights. Wooo Hooo, scored first on a premium and they do not normally service Kauai, so this must have been a rescue flight. But, then the fall from grace. United 914 SFO to IAD was pretty horrible. We were in row 43 in the center aisle seats on a 777. We were so packed in and the guy on the aisle was not terribly interested in the idea of getting up so I could use the facilities. In a case like that I just quit drinking water and saved my water bottle for about 20 minutes left in the flight to re-hydrate. However the important thing is the mission and we got here. I had a working dinner scheduled with Brian C. to look at our next coding plans. We went to Buca Di Beppo, which is always fun. We shared an antipasti salad and Kathy had the Salmon and I had the Lasagne.