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Stephen Northcutt, an Information Security Researcher, United Airlines 1k, Writer and Instructor, documents the struggles of the travel and hospitality industries as we all face continually increasing energy costs. He and his peers share their travel experiences and give you quick tips and short reviews of the companies they do business with as they travel. If you came across this article because of a Google search, what you want is probably here, just use find with your browser (CTRL - F), it is easier than reading from top to bottom; however, you may get some useful tips if you stick around and read. Each major cluster of trips is documented in a separate file.

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Information Security Travel Guide Edition 16 - Stephen Northcutt

By Stephen Northcutt

Information Security Tour Guide Edition 16

Thank you for joining us, this edition will cover Kauai, Richmond Virginia, Germany, Orlando, Jamaica and the airports and airlines required to get from one point to the other.

[Tuesday, April 27, 2010] From the mailbox

Neat, I hope the folks in Chattanooga have a wonderful time! See below:

"Russell Eubanks has sent you a message.
Date: 4/26/2010
Subject: LinkedIn Event: SANS Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style


I wanted to let you know that I will be leading SANS Security 401: SANS Security Essentials, Mentor style in Chattanooga starting in August. I am very excited about covering this material over 10 weeks, instead of the traditional 6 format. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any additional information concerning this event and by all means, feel free to share with anyone who you think may be interested in taking this course.

Russell Eubanks


SANS Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style

SANS Security 401: SANS Security Essentials Bootcamp Style
Tue, Aug 03 to Tue, Oct 05
Hampton Inn, Chattanooga, US
Keywords: GIAC, GSEC, SANS, Information Security, Security, Mentor

Maximize your training time and turbo-charge your career in security by learning the full SANS Security Essentials curriculum needed to qualify for the GSEC certification.

In this course you will learn the language and underlying theory of computer security. At the same time you will learn the essential, up-to-the-minute knowledge and skills required for effective performance if you are given the responsibility for securing systems and/or organizations. This course meets both of the key promises SANS makes to our students: (1) You will gain up-to-the-minute knowledge you can put into practice immediately upon returning to work; and, (2) You will be taught by the best security instructors in the industry. As always, great teaching sets SANS courses apart, and SANS ensures this by choosing instructors who have ranked highest in a nine-year competition among potential security faculty."

[Monday, April 26, 2010] Last week on Kauai

Thursday evening after work we went to small group at the Ringlers. I have enjoyed that, and our collective cooking is so fun. I did a lasagna and also a red quinoa and green bean casserole. Friday and Saturday were fabulous, great snorkeling, great walks. Maybe a bit too much sun. Have started an experiment with Facebook, essentially on a talent hunt, wish me luck. A lot of rain Saturday night and Sunday morning and that means keep your head out of the water and the wiser choice is not to swim at all because of the bacteria count, so Kathy and I delivered a set of golfballs to a neighbor. We have a neighbor that hits golf balls into the ocean and we find them while snorkeling and bring them back to him. We also sat on our beach chairs and watched the ocean. We didn't realize it because she was in a trench and we didn't see her, but suddenly this absolutely gorgeous girl in a thong, wakes up ( I guess ) and rolls over and with the movement we saw her. We were about ten feet away, it was awkward, but wear a bit more cloth and don't sleep in a trench if you are offended is my best advice. We mostly ate fruit and artichokes for supper, trying to use everything up before we fly.

[Tuesday, April 20, 2010] TVP Tacos for Lunch

Still trying to keep my meat consumption as low as possible. I picked a half cup of basil from the garden, cut the leaves up by bunching them all together and running the knife through the pile with a slicing motion, putting the pile back together and doing it again 90 degrees from the first run. This makes mostly small bits of basil. Then I put just enough water in a stainless steel skillet to cover and cooked the basil for about three minutes. While that was happening, I cut up a stick of celery, three green onions and four small orange peppers. I did add a bit of Leilani's seasoning salt ( only place I know that you can get it is Duane's Ono-Char Grill.) Finally I added enough Textured Vegetable Protein to soak up the water and a bit of medium salsa and some enchilada sauce to taste. We used the organic blue taco shells, those are fun, and had extra enchilada sauce and even hot sauce handy. Yum! Kathy was a bit of a messy eater though, there were cheese crumbles under my chair, not sure how she managed to spill food under my chair.

[Monday, April 19, 2010] Happy work week on Kauai

What a weekend!!! Fabulous. Friday night we went to the fundraiser for Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Oh my, I would guess there were twenty stations each pairing food with wine. I had to be VERY careful with the wine since I was the designated driver, so I did it true wine tasting style. Warn the person pouring to just give me a splash, taste it, pour the rest in the bowl and they all had bowls, which was great. I hate to give the nod to the celebrity chef Alan Wong, but the Kona lobster over local noodles was the top dish. In second place, Red Salt Restaurant with the seared Ahi, just perfect. Saturday we stayed out of the sun during peak tanning hours and then a hike to Kealia beach and back on the bike path. Then we went to the wine tasting at Da Kine Wine. They were doing Italian and none of them stood out. It is a dirty little secret that there are not that many good Italian wines. Daniel gave me a card for Oasis Restaurant that lets you bring in a bottle with no corkage fee, so we went there for supper. He called ahead and arranged an oceanfront table for us, thank you Daniel. Turns out friends were celebrating a birthday so it was quite the party. We ordered off their wine list and got the Trumpeter Malbec; very nice. Sunday morning it was Voggy, but after church it cleared up and we went to the beach for a swim. Perfection, the water was clear, there was not much wave action; we went snorkeling and then swimming after that. It was still chilly, this has been a chilly year. I headed home immediately after getting out of the water, Kathy tried sitting in the sun, when she did get home she was literally shivering from the cold.

I got to play with the 20 Critical Security Controls Interactive website a bit this morning. I like it, but I would add the version to the title. The 20 Critical Security Controls are one of the most important IT security initiatives ever. They set the minimum for what we need to do.

[Wednesday, April 15, 2010] Apple Banana Bread

Bananas, apple bananas are going nuts at the farm. So we made gluten free banana bread tonight for ourselves and also to take to small group tomorrow night; we are doing Business by the Book. Here is the recipe and the big tip is at the end. There are four batches here, the first one has all the ingredients and then we add as we go.

An entire "will it blend", ( what did you expect, I am a geek), blender pitcher worth of ripe, as ripe as possible ( but not so ripe that they are turning to liquid ) apple bananas
1 full stick of no-salt butter ( don't worry, you will get plenty salt from the baking powder, baking soda
2 Tablespoons maple syrup
1 Tablespoon molasses
4 or even 5 Tablespoons agave sweetner
2 Teaspoons real vanilla
2 Teaspoons baking soda
4 Teaspoons baking powder
2 Tablespoons dried ginger candy or use ginger and add a bit more agave sweetner
Cinnamon, nutmeg to taste
2 cups rice flour
1 cup soy flour
1 cup garbanzo bean flour
5 Eggs ( add them last, trust me, and you need five because this is gluten free )

Put the butter in the microwave for 40 seconds to soften, pour over the bananas in the blender. Add the ginger candy, vanilla, maple syrup, molasses and agave to the blender, turn the bananas into liquid. Pour in a big bowl. Stir in the baking soda and baking powder. Now add the flour. If you have a high tech mixer, awesome, but I just use my hand, comes from a period of my life when I used to make one hundred dozen homemade chocolate chip cookies for a prison ministry. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time, stir it in and avoid clumping. Add the cinnamon and nutmeg. Now since there are no eggs in the batter, you can taste it safely. Make any adjustments you feel are necessary. Add the eggs.

Batch 1 goes into a Pyrex loaf pan, it is dangerous to load the pan much more than half way. This goes in the oven first, 350 ( if your oven runs hot AT ALL, 325.)

Now add a jigger of coffee ( you can also do a jigger of rum, but some of this is going to church), and 2 ounces of nuts pieces, walnut or pecans both work well.

Batch 2 went into one of those small loaf pans where you have eight small loafs.

Now add two tablespoons or even three of Neutella. Put Neutella in a small cup and microwave for 20 seconds so it will easily blend with the batter and I added a tablespoon of baking cocoa. Lightly stir, go for the swirl effect.

Batch 3 went into those small loaf pans where you have eight small loafs.

I am guessing you will have a bit of batter left over. Break out the nuts again and add enough nuts to make a proper cookie. Grease a cookie sheet, I used Peanut oil and add what is left in half dollar sized drips. Give everything else away, eat the cookies, life is good.

TIP: this is an easy recipe to burn, stay in the kitchen and keep smelling and peeking. If you think you might be burning on the bottom, but raw in the middle, drop the temp way down to say 300 or even 280 at the 80% of cooking time mark ( 1 hour for the first batch). You need to reach a center temperature of 180 to be egg-safe.

Iceland Volcano Ash

I just had an appointment canceled because the guy got his flight stopped due to the ash. So I read a bit about it. The most interesting tidbit, "Jens Stoltenberg, prime minister of Norway, who was in the United States for President Obama's nuclear summit, is running the Norwegian government from the U.S. via his new iPad since he can't fly home, his press secretary Sindre Fossum Beyer told CNN." Well, to everyone in Europe, you have my sympathy; we have been living with an active volcano here in Hawaii for over twenty years, it gets crazy sometimes.

[Tuesday, April 14, 2010] Weather wierdness, but having fun on Kauai

First, a foodie idea or two. Did an omelet for Kathy this morning. Mixed some brown rice into the egg and did the filling with fresh oregano, asparagus and feta cheese, very nice. Kathy is trying to stay off of meat right now so I am trying to do the same, at least for a few days. Did enchiladas with Textured Vegetable Protein and Italian squash. If you mix some enchilada sauce in the TVP it becomes quite tasty. Used Asiago cheese on the top, yum.

Weather is still crazy, wind comes from every direction, some VOG some nice days, we enjoy the outdoors when we can. We have been swimming in front of the Pono Kai resort, that is between 1/4 and 1/2 mile from the house. There is no shower there so we bring water bottles to help get the sand off of our feet. We also have fins ( always wisest to wear fins to swim in open ocean) and towels, beach chairs, mats, all the standard beach nouns. We use a Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Cart to transport them. Life is good indeed.

Watched Like Water For Chocolate, it is a bit risque, but well done; when the movie ended I was literally laughing and crying at the same time. I wish I had a few more movies in Spanish with subtitles, my Spanish is really rusty, I could pick out words, but not phrases. Read Business by the Book this week, always a good reminder. Particularly interested in the hire, fire and compensation guidance, dealing with some thorny issues. Also read the Handmaid's Tale, gripping. Think I will skip the movie, too disturbing. It takes place in Cambridge and I wanted some insights for my Insider's Guide to Boston piece.

Kathy and I splurged on massages from Karen Zack, she is the best I have received on island. Karen Zack Matt# 10900, 808-651-8096

Tomorrow is a big day! I know, I know you are thinking taxes, but it is also the end of the great Haiku contest. It seemed to be between @ericjhuber and @dan_crowley but @tommyluke is showing some skill too. I am going to sneak in a 20 point word and maybe even not announce it. Maybe yes, maybe no. In honor of April 15, I think it will be "income tax".

[Thursday, April 10, 2010]

The VOG continuesIt has been so bad you could not even see the mountain at one point. We are luck, we have air conditioning and I bought an air filter at Costco. The new Honeywell HEPA 17000 Permanent Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier filters are a major improvement over their older ones. So we are OK and have adapted so that even hours of exposure outside does not send us off, days do. I caught a blog that called the crazy weather we are experiencing "Climate Wierdness". I like it. I think Global Warming was an unfortunate term. Of course with a massively complex system like the earth, you will be warmer here, colder here, but mostly warmer. I liked Climate Change better, but I like Wierdness the best. Whereever I go and I travel a heck of a lot, climate is not acting normal. Could be a wake up call people.

Spent last night painting my dining room chairs. Otsukas sold them to us as "leather" chairs ( from China ) and the "leather" is peeling off and they look terrible. I spoke with Jeanette Chang and she said she would give me some sort of allowance, but then never returned phone calls or email. I would not recommend doing business with them. However, the chairs are comfortable and expensive and if I can get another year or two out of them, so be it. We used a water based Rustoleum Painter's Touch in Kona Brown. Took two coats, but works better than I had hoped, and now we will see how well it holds up. We had the whole wheat vegetarian pizza from Brick Oven Pizza in Kapaa last night, it was good, but expensive as all get out - my pizza was $38.51 which is high for a pizza.

[Monday, March 29, 2010] The VOG returns on Kauai

After a lovely weekend, the wind changed. VOG is the scourge of the Hawaiian Islands. It is a type of air pollution caused by the volcanos on Big Island. It messes with most people's breathing to some extent and cannot be good for you. The primary ingredient is sulphur dioxide, but it is more complicated than that, of course. You don't hear much about it because everyone wants the tourism dollars to keep coming, but we are in a major weather shift, possibly El Nino, possibly climate change, but it has never been this bad, this long. I have drugs and a HEPA filter so I should be OK, but many people will suffer. It is also psychological. During the weekend with the trades, life was good, we enjoyed the beach, the sun, even a bit of rain. Today was grey, lots of grey. The sky is grey, the mountains are grey. Everything is grey. Kathy and I did take a walk to Kukui Heiau, but we did not make it all the way, this weather comes with a lot of fine misty rain, so we turned around. You get pretty good at finding places to get out of the heaviest rain, so we made our way home. We did see a monk seal, he had hauled up at the Waipouli Beach Resort, big guy too. Monk seals are passing away, less than 1,200 remain. We have swum with them multiple times in the secluded parts of the islands, they are truly awesome creatures, it was good to see one and pule (pray) for their survival which is far from certain. After the walk, I came back and worked on the marketing for SANS Boston 2010. The approach I am taking is fairly radical, I will do a lot more, but I am trying to create a web page that Google will like and that really delivers a sense for what a great city Boston is, that many outsiders would not have. It is a fun project and would not be worth it if it was only for a single year, but if we are establishing a marketing foundation for year after year, it is a whole new discussion.

I read a Federal Trade Commission ruling Case No. 2:08-CV-01842 against GREGORY NAVONE. The gist of this had to do with Disposal of Consumer Report Information and Records (the disposal rule). Here is the ruling, the interesting stuff is at the bottom:

The reporting period for the Assessments shall cover: (1) the first one hundred and eighty (180) days after entry of the Order for the initial Assessment; and (2) each one-year period thereafter for ten (10) years after entry of the Order for the annual Assessments. Each Assessment shall:

I. Set forth the specific administrative, technical, and physical safeguards implemented and maintained during the reporting period;

2. Explain how such safeguards are appropriate to Defendant's or the entity's size and complexity, the nature and scope of the Defendant's or the entity's activities, and the sensitivity of the personal information collected from or about consumers;

3. Explain how the safeguards that have been implemented meet or exceed the protections required by Section 628 of the FCRA, the Disposal Rule, and Section III of this Order; and Case 2:08-cv-01842-KJD-LRL Document 41 Filed 12/30/09

4. Certify that the information security program is operating with sufficient effectiveness to provide reasonable assurance that the security, confidentiality, and integrity of personal information is protected and, for annual reports, has so operated throughout the reporting period.

B. Each Assessment shall be prepared and completed within sixty (60) days after the end of the reporting period to which the Assessment applies by: a person qualified as a Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) or as a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA); a person holding Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) from the SysAdmin, Audit, Network, Security (SANS) Institute; or a similarly qualified person or organization approved by the Associate Director for Enforcement, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission.

I don't blame the FTC, but I think they are in error. What is really interesting is the call for a CISSP, CISA, GSNA. I am not sure that any of these actually qualifies one to create the assessment. In fact, I think that a stronger statement is in order. I do not think any of the three trustmarks qualify one to create this assessment. I think that it is very clear at this point that we need a professional organization, and a set of standards, that is independant and respected. Otherwise, Gregory Navone does not have any assurance that the investment he makes actually does him any good.

[Sunday, March 28, 2010] Lovely Weekend on Kauai

Friday was a work day, and we woke up before the sunrise because we are still on mainland time. But, start three hours early and finish in time to play, what is not to like. We decided to hike to Donkey Beach, ( no it is NOT a nude beach no matter what you read on the Internet, try that and you are likely to get a ticket). We walked on the bike path/multi-use trail; the weather was fantastic and we got to see whales and a monk seal, this is cool. Saturday morning we got up early and headed for the beach, we decided to go to Lydgate park. Most of the time we were the only ones in the pond, so swimming was easy - didn't have to dodge tourists. It was a bit cool and the tide was low so you had to stay alert for rocks, but that was fine. Then we went shopping at Costco. All of our electronics from Crutchfield have failed except one component. So, we have no movies, no sound system, nothing. As I said before, I do not blame Crutchfield, we were the ones that decided to live by a beach with an onshore breeze, but I was hoping the extra money I paid to use them would translate to some sort of help. Guess not. So, my new plan is to use Costco and when the component fails, toss it in the landfill. Not a great plan, but the only plan I have for now. I decided to just pick up a blu-ray player for now and we will try to figure out the music later. Since we have a Sony Bravia TV, I bought a Sony Bravia "BP" ( Blu-ray Player, who knew?). The installation was really easy and Kathy bought The Blind Side, what a great movie. I think that and Mamma Mia are the best two movies I have seen, well, I guess I should put Avatar up at this level. We are going to thin out our movies and give Hunter some of the ones that he chose earlier like Jet Li, The One.

Today, we went to church early to reconnect with people since we have been gone for a month. Good service. They serve lunch afterwards, but I decided to skip it. Right now it is peak sun, so I am updating this blog and looking forward to a swim later in the afternoon. Walked to Safeway to get some stuff for supper. Get this; 5 potatoes, 1 onion, 1 green onion bunch, and 1 lemon added up to $18.57, outrageous. Now, to be sure, Safeway has a few good deals; I also bought wild caught fresh salmon for $10.99 a pound. But I will be visiting Safeway less. I wanted to do something special with the salmon.

Rosemary Smoked Salmon

Disclosure: if you use too much rosemary, your food turns bitter. But, I have found that it works great as a smoke source. And it grows VERY WELL in Hawaii, so I have tons of it.

I started a small fire in my Chiminea, a Mexican pottery grill; by the way, dried rosemary is a great fire starter. I put the salmon skin-side down on some more rosemary (otherwise the fish will sometimes bond to the grill). I added a bit of green rosemary to the fire to keep smoke passing across the salmon. Then, I flipped the fish and smoked the other side and pulled off the skin. When it was still raw in the middle, I pulled it from the Chiminea and put it on a plate with a sauce based on a bit of garlic, tomato and onion ( I was building the broth for a Moshari Yiouvetsi, but more on that later) and just a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Now, here is the trick. You have this awesome piece of fish and if you overcook it, it becomes cardboard. So, before I did anything else, I put some water in my hottest performing slow cooker ( crockpot ) and turned it on high. I put the plate on top instead of the lid and put the sauce on the plate. Then I brought the half cooked fish up and put it on the hot, but not very hot plate in the sauce and covered it with the lid. We are way above room temperature so we have food safety, but it will take 30 minutes to fully cook and we can monitor, and the slow cooking yields a great result. From time to time I spoon some sauce of the top of the fish. Yum!

[Thursday, March 25, 2010] Headed for Kauai

Writing from the Red Carpet Lounge. Our James Limo car came a bit early this morning (0430) because they were doing construction on the Parham I 64 on ramp so we learned another way. Terry, the driver, was nice. We got through security OK, and apparently they are at high alert right now. That is fine, but TSA at Richmond Airport (RIC) really screwed up. I passed the metal detector fine, but got put in the glass booth. OK, while there she told me to empty my pockets AND TOOK MY WALLET AND MONEY BELT back to run it through the machine. Then another guy wanted to take stuff out of my carry-on bag and run it again. I saw my wallet sitting on the belt and went to go get it and he told me I had to stay. I explained it all to the supervisor and was not mad or anything, but some traveler is going to lose his wallet for sure if they keep that up.

UA 8660 operated by Trans States Airlines was on time, no drama. We got to IAD and only had twenty minutes till boarding so we went straight to our gate. UA 846 IAD to LAX was also on time, no drama. The purser put a bit of humor into his announcement. The movie was The Blind Side, it was the second time I have seen it on an airplane, but the last time the plane landed before the movie ended, so now I know how it ends. I am doing this update and then Kathy and I will make our way to our gate for the final leg to Lihue.

[Sunday, March 21, 2010] Springtime in Richmond

Yesterday was gorgeous. Hunter, Kathy and I went to the James River Park. Lots of college girls sunning on the rocks in their bikinis, Hunter was duly impressed. Apparently the Hula Hoop is making a comeback; who knew? Next time I need to remember to bring a trash bag though, lots of litter and lots of people that do not pick up after their dogs. Then a quick trip to Careytown for some snacks; Hunter had homemade ice cream, Kathy had a slice of pizza (which is a surprise!) and I had my first GearHearts chocolate, the Ginger Bar. Yum.

Today, we went to church at Grove Avenue Baptist Church; man oh man, is that an amazing church. High tech, friendly people, hymns and contemporary worship and a very skilled pastor, Dr. Mark Beckton, who gave a message with both great content and a strong delivery. Hunter and Norma came with us and I think they enjoyed it as well. Norma came over for lunch. We served Fresh Caught Halibut topped with sauteed leeks, celery, cherry tomatoes, spiced with two bay leaves, a pinch of celery seed, red pepper, four vigorous squirts of Worcestershire sauce and a hint of lemon. Just before serving, I topped with Parmesan cheese and broiled it till it was brown. We have a few hours down time and then over to Trey and Ali's and will cook there, but have not figured out what I want to do. I know they are training to run a 10k so will try to have separate dishes, not a big one size fits all so they can pick and choose. Hopefully, Kathy and I can get a walk in as well.

Went to Trader Joe's to get provisions to cook dinner for extended family tonight. Decided to be pretty simple, just because you are a chef does not mean you have to be fancy all the time; learned that at the chef's table at Commander's Palace when they did their version of Philly Steak and Cheese. Decided on Sloppy Joes based on ground turkey and a can of marinara sauce, (man that was thick wonderful sauce). Added two teaspoons of ketchup, a splash of red wine and a bit of hot sauce and some cumin. The group devoured the dish. Served it over toasted whole wheat London Muffins (English muffins with less sugar). Also whipped up a "Cole Slaw" made of shredded cabbage and Trader Joe's Tzatziki sauce. Did an apple salad with their sliced apples and diced walnuts and two teaspoons of Blue Cheese dressing from Trey and Ali's fridge. The veggie was Trader Joe's frozen blackened corn (which I finished the blackening job on) and fresh asparagus served with a couple spoonfuls of the marinara and a couple squirts of hot sauce. Low salt, low fat, high fiber, flavor, what is not to like.

Left at 8:00 P.M. trying to get email under control. Also updated my United 1k and SANS Boston 2010 files. It will soon be 11:00 P.M. and the morning will start early. Signing off.

[Friday, March 17, 2010] Travel from Jamaica to Richmond

Our wakeup call was 6:45 A.M. and we needed to have our bags outside the room by 7:00 A.M. so we finished packing before we went to bed, grabbed showers, put our mess kits away, put the bags outside and headed for breakfast. It was not officially open, but there was plenty to choose from. The ride back was uneventful and we had met several of the folks on the bus at the resort so we chatted like old friends. The line at JetBlue was short and efficient. I did notice the line at AirTran was HUGE, make sure to allot a full 3 hours if you are flying AirTran. Clearing customs was easy, no "hate looks" like Curacao. I realize that I know next to nothing about Jamaica, but every single person was polite and, of course, that makes you want to be polite back. The flight was on time, Kathy got a nap while I toodled around the shops. If you are going to buy T-shirts and the like in Jamaica, you probably want to do that before you get to the airport; they are pricey and for 50 shops they have surprisingly little choices, many of the shops have exactly the same thing.

We ate lunch at Sbarro in Orlando (MCO). We had an hour so we pulled into Kafe Kalik for a glass of wine and a table to put my laptop on. It was really crowded so we shared our table with a nice lady named Dipti. I got online and found my plane was a few minutes late and Dipti's (Southwest) is running 30 minutes late. While in the airport, I found I had a voice mail from Suzy, my cousin Scott passed away while we were in Jamaica. We arrived at Richmond (RIC) at 8:00 P.M., Hunter was there to meet us, it was great to see him. He is still doing well in school and is pretty happy with life; makes a dad smile.

[Thursday, March 16, 2010] The real last day at Breezes

So instead of a zero dark thirty wakeup and flying, we slept late. I mean really late and to tell you anything more would be too much information; but, when we showed up to eat, breakfast was gone and they were just putting lunch out. Sadie (pronounced Sha-Dey) from the entertainment department asked if she could join us. I thought it was going to be an upsell, but when Kathy asked about the SuperClubs club, she shrugged and said that she did not know anything about that. She did make us promise to attend the talent show tonight. I promised I would try, but saying up late is not on my agenda. Kathy and I are both relaxed at this point so this was a great investment. We did not do much today, took out some sea kayaks, swam, hit the jacuzzi, at one point, it had gotten cloudy and just a touch cool and the jacuzzi seemed like the perfect ticket. Other folks came and went, but we had a wonderful chat with a well traveled couple from Georgia, Rick and Susan. Then the clouds passed and the temperature shot up. Kathy finished the afternoon laying out on the chaise lounges on the ocean side of our room. We got two glasses of red wine just as the bar closed at 5:00 P.M. We are not going to drink them just yet, the wine gets just a bit warm sitting in the sun, so we will leave them in our air conditioned room and enjoy them later.

It turns out some of the best food in the place is at the "nudie bar", the bar on the clothing optional side. They have fantastic lamb chops and jerk chicken. I will admit to feeling a bit overdressed, especially when three young Italian ladies crossed my view, don't stare, this happens to me everyday, no big deal. But we got our food, now where to eat it, clearly not here. There are no tables that I saw anyway. So we made our way back to the main part of the resort and there was one table on the lower pool deck and it was open. Perfect. We did not have any flatware so we ate our food with our hands. Afterwards Kathy went to wash her hands in the ocean ( no napkins either). Soon I heard a shriek, a crab had run over her hand, guess he had smelled the jerk chicken.

We went to the Grand Cafe tonight for dinner. It was fine, the couple next to us was from Canada and Arthur was clearly an executive who knew the issues related to IT and IT Security. Kathy had the Salmon and I had the Chicken Saltimbocca. Now we have to pack.

[Wednesday, March 17, 2010] Last day at Breezes Jamaica (sort of)

My goal for visiting Breezes Jamaica was to unplug for a couple of days, but not to lose mission focus. Considering the amount of travel time staying at the resort for only two full days, three nights, really does not make sense. On the other hand, I was grinding my teeth and my sleep pattern was degrading taking work too seriously and I can feel some improvement in just the time that we have. Also, the five nights, four full days at Curacao seemed just a touch long. The good news is that I am not thinking about work. I know in the back of my mind that I need to work on a status report, but that is the only work related thing I am going to do. They do have Internet up in the lobby area, but I think I will pass.

Kathy is out paddling a sea kayak. They have a lovely, thin, fast, sit-on-top model here that she has wanted to paddle. It is fun to peek out the window and watch her go by. Right now she is practicing self rescue. The long skinny boats are fun to paddle, but hard as heck to self rescue, but Jamaica, in five feet of warm flat water with a sandy bottom is the perfect place to practice. She just came back with a huge smile of her face. I have been taking it easy journaling and plan to get a swim later in the day when the sun is not so intense.

I decided to pack during peak sun hours (10:00 A.M - 2:00 P.M.). Realize that it may sound like I am too cautious about the sun, but I live in Hawaii and you see lots of folks with the red spots after their skin cancer treatments and it is something I would like to avoid to the extent possible.

We had lunch at the Jamaican restaurant. There is no air conditioning, but we did score a table with an umbrella. Service there was really slow, but Kathy had colored pencils so we did arts and crafts. There are these huge Cotton trees with incredible root structure so I did the outline of one of those and will finish the work in Richmond or Hawaii. Kathy had the Jerk chicken, I had the lamb chops. Man oh man, Breezes Jamaica does lamb well. I had been told never eat lamb outside of Australia and New Zealand; ha!

It was a bit hot today and the wind was light, so swimming was great. We went out just a bit before 4:00 P.M. I love feeling the ocean across my skin. The beach is fairly long and we were patient to swim from one side to the other and back. You do have to watch out for boats though. Usually the last set of buoys, the ones closest to the beach, mean a swimming zone. Sometimes they have a boat alley. Here the boats and Skidoos rule, so you have to stay alert. I think the beach is just short of a half mile in each direction, but not by much. We hauled up into lounge chairs, Kathy got into a wonderful conversation with a French Canadian gentleman who looks like he is 40, tops, and says he is retired. He loves and knows history and it was a blast trying to keep up with him. His wife does not speak any English at all which is a bit of a problem in Jamaica. So, we stood in the weakening sun and talked, what fun. He says his dream is to purchase a catamaran and sail around the Caribbean, I was quietly thinking, rent the silly thing, let them do the maintenance and worry about the storm season, but who am I to dampen another's dream?

There is a hammock half way between our room and the main dining facility. Kathy wanted to lay in it and I took pictures of her as the sun was setting. Then I wandered off to the beach bar and got a glass of wine for both of us to watch the sun set. Breezes had told us that they would put a paper under our door telling us when we were supposed to leave in the morning. We called the front desk and they told us that we don't check out until Friday. We had gotten confused. Wow, one more day, that is awesome.

Tonight we went to the pasta restaurant. Both soups were good, I had the Bloody Bay Soup which is a seafood soup, and Kathy had the Pumpkin. Both of our pasta dishes were forgettable. Their pasta sauce was just too sweet to enjoy. That may be a Jamaican thing, I noticed the Grace Ketchup at the Jamaican Restaurant was really sweet. We didn't taste the dessert.

[Tuesday, March 16, 2010] Breezes Resort Jamaica

This morning we slept late, a luxurious 8:45 A.M. and wandered over to the main restaurant to get some breakfast. Then we took the glass bottom boat tour. The outdoor activities guys are the weak link in an otherwise fantastic resort. Today we got a double dose of less than ideal service from the Water Sports Department. For starters when we scheduled a trip on the glass bottom boat tour, they put it in the book for next week, but we are only staying a few days. That actually worked out OK, "No Problem Mon", there was room for us in the tour, so we got to go anyway. What fun. Kathy loves poking around reefs and I enjoy it as well. A nice long unhurried boat trip. Enjoyed it more than I would have expected.

We were scheduled for a sailing lesson at 3:00 P.M., when we got there they told us, "we had made a mistake", there were no sailing lessons at 3:00 P.M. those happen at 9:30 A.M. and 1:30 P.M., but to go down by the catamarans to wait and a "pro" would come by and take us out. So we did. And while we waited (20 minutes), they sent another crew out for a ride by themselves and the pro took another group for a tour. The crazy thing is, there are so many water sports guys around the resort, and yet there is one, at best, person at the water sports department and they usually tell you that you need to speak with someone else. At dinner we met a couple whose hotel room faces the clothing optional beach and she said the water sports guys are always hanging around there. Yes, there is a clothing optional beach at Breezes Jamaica and people take advantage of that. We saw it on the way back from the glass bottom boat tour, in fact they did a close pass by Hedonism II as well. I don't quite get it, the sun is very bright here, the majority of people at the resort are sunburned, can you imagine what would happen to you? I think I will stick with a tan line if you get my drift. Anyway, instead of the sailboat we went swimming, and that was lovely.

To top the night off, we had a reservation at the French Restaurant. While we waited for our turn, we took advantage of the near empty dance floor with a live band dealing out slow dances. As the music picked up and became more Caribbean, we wandered up to the restaurant. The property has two reservation-required restaurants. The other restaurant is Japanese and I decided to pass on that one, not sure how well they do Japanese cuisine in Jamaica and I am not fond of fried foods like Tempura anyway. However, the French Restaurant was fun. You are supposed to get dressed up, full shoes, business slacks, button down shirt and a jacket. Since I was coming from a conference, that was easy. Our first course was a Mushroom soup, which was the best thing we had. I had the salad which was, well, salad. Kathy had a Seafood Rhapsody (the safest thing on the menu at Gaylord's), shrimp, shellfish and fish in a cream sauce in a bowl, I had the quail. I liked the quail, minimal portions, but starving to death at Breezes would take some effort. We did not taste the dessert portions, you can't say yes to everything.

[Monday, March 15, 2010] Orlando (MCO) to Montego Bay (MBJ )

This morning we caught a JetBlue flight from Orlando (MCO) to Montego Bay Jamaica (MBJ). I am trying to learn to relax. I have fallen into a rhythm of go, go, go, which was fine for the right season of life. After my teaching was done in Orlando, I updated my MGT 404 Security Policy and then did a lot of work on the strategic plan. The flight was nice, got to watch Up in the Air, I think that is the right title, didn't catch either the beginning or the end, but I was intrigued by the middle. And to be sure, I saw a bit too much of me in George Clooney's character. We are only staying for three nights, the minimum you can book, I kinda wanted to check it out a bit, Curacao was OK and I might go there again in January sometime since it is warm, but I only have a partial desire to return there. The Jamaica customs and immigration office is a lot more efficient than Curacao and they don't give you "hate looks". There is an air conditioned room at the airport where you wait for your transportation. It takes about an hour and a half to drive to the resort, it was interesting to see Jamaica from the bus, it has been about thirty years since I have been here. The shuttle pulled into Hedonism II first. Just from what I saw from the outside, that is a bit too extreme for me. There were signs for a "No Swimsuit Contest" and a "Clothing Optional Catamaran Tour" and a lady with a drink apparently only wearing a t-shirt that said "Damned".

By contrast, at Breezes they met us with a cold towel and a mimosa and then shortly after, they showed us to our room. Then we came up to get some lunch and unpacked. Next, we jumped in the water, it was nice and warm and paddled around for a half hour or so. Guys would come up on Skidoos offer to sell you drugs or a ride, "anything you want mon"; Jamaica! After our swim, we got organized and then had dinner on the beach last night; the chicken over a fire was extraordinary. Breezes Jamaica is a "super inclusive" resort. I am not sure exactly what that means, you can still purchase extra trips and the like, but the food and anything you want from the bar is free. I have this sudden craving for grapefruit juice and they give you this little cup, but our room is literally the closest one to the bar and we have a door that opens to the ocean side, so I am getting my fill of juice; I guess your body knows what it needs.

Our room is wonderful. In a sense we bought more room than we need, but having two desks is awesome. The suite is fairly three dimensional, the bed and bathroom are on one level. You climb up to the soaking tub/shower. We will not be using the soaking tub, water is too precious in Jamaica. Then you come downstairs to a leather sofa and desk and there is another room with chairs, a sofa and nice desk. Most of the furniture is mohagany and the same styles of antiques that we furnished the Richmond house with so it is very nice.

[Sunday, March 14, 2010] Last day in Orlando

For all intents and purposes #SANSORLANDO2010 is done and gone. Why I am still here is beyond me, but smart people have all this figured out. Spent most of the afternoon pounding out the next part of the strategic plan for I found a blog that said holding software developers liable for problems with their code was a non-starter. I tried to reply to the blog, but it failed. So here is the reply that I tried to type:

I think we can all agree we cannot continue with the status quo. It has been a bit since I have read Geekonomics, but there is a cost to bad software. Right off the bat, I can't think of anything that performs as badly while escaping consequences largely because of the EULA.

Glad to see we can agree that death and injury will generally lead to liability claims. So what about loss of time, opportunity cost, etc.?

Now, the bank vault idea. What about the Kryptonite Lock $3,500 loss promise. Now to be sure, there is plenty of fine print, have to file a police report, return the lock to Kryptonite etc, but their point is simple, they are not going to be the weak link.

Now bank safes, or even home safes. You are quite correct, that is exactly what I teach in Security Leadership Essentials, safes are rated to last this much time against drilling, this much time against fire etc. But, that is worth looking into more closely. The manufacturer of the safe doesn't do the rating, I think that is U.L. that gives you the ratings. With a safe you know exactly how much protection time you are getting. With the current paradigm for software, you have no idea what you are getting.

The consumer deserves some protection. Consider this scenario, I am an artist who moved into digital art two years ago and have been painting like mad for two years. I bought Creative Suite from Adobe and yesterday a malformed .pdf installs bot software that removes all my original and yet unpublished, but contracted for digital artwork from my system and puts it all in a bittorrent or six for free downloading by anyone; my business and my livelihood are threatened. Should it really be too bad, so sad, no money for you now, mosey on lil artist? Or should I be entitled to some compensation?

In my class we teach about downstream liability, there are four factors (warning: get your own attorney, this is not legal advice):
- Duty, my responsibility to practice due diligence
- Breach, my failure to maintain due diligence makes it possible for a failure to occur
- Causation, said failure actually happens leading to
- Harm, your negligence caused me harm

In most of the world this is pretty straightforward. Why is it a non-starter with software?

[Saturday, March 13, 2010] Almost finished in Orlando

Conference is coming to a close, the six day tracks completed today. We had a meeting of the full time faculty for the college and Eric, Ed, Dave and Johannes were so very tired, I really appreciate their commitment. I got a bit of a bye, I did not have to teach today and got to sneak in a nap while updating MGT 404 Security Policy. They booked the course for SANS Northern Virginia and while I was in Orlando teaching, they apparently canceled it because they did not think it was up to date enough, plus not enough registrations, so I go full power doing an awesome update on a Saturday only to find out they canceled the upcoming class. That hurts. It is going to be very hard after that to motivate myself to do the work I have planned for tomorrow (Sunday.) But I will; one thing about SANS, the day you stop running with the pack, you are all alone in the snow.

My room key failed today, hotel keys expire, but I am not leaving till Monday morning. Lana was willing to go to the front desk with me, and Kevin the front desk manager was very nice. He even went to my room with the new room keys and his radio in case things did not work. Thank you Lana, and thank you Kevin. I really have to hand it to the entire crew at the Swan and Dolphin, they are working hard on excellent service. Yes, there will be crazy problems like room keys, but if you grade them based on 100 points, and they are doing well on 98 of them, that is pretty special. If you ever stay in the Dolphin, my advice is to ask for a room facing east, the sunrise is lovely, and water on both sides of the Swan is full of gorgeous reflection at any time of the day.

Kathy and I went dancing tonight. A short walk from the hotel on the Boardwalk part of the Disney property is Atlantic Dance, a 21 and older dance hall on the Disney property. I like it. It is clean, they crowd-source the songs with a request list. There is a big music video screen and the dance floor is spacious, we never felt crowded. The drinks are a touch high, but there is no cover, so that is fair. My only complaint, the MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" didn't have any bass, only high notes. Good fun and just the right exercise for Kathy to fall asleep soon after we got back to the room. Another conference in the can, thanks to the team, it is beyond words to tell you how much I appreciate you.

[Thursday, March 11, 2010] Still flying through #SANSORLANDO2010

Had a rough start today. I was a real dummy and left my room key in the room. I was hoping Kathy was in the room, but she was working on the floor. I tried calling her, but her phone is on vibrate since she goes into the classes to take pictures. So I went to the front desk, showed my ID, got another key. Got up to the room, the key did not work. Went back to the front desk, got another key, didn't work. Now I am starting to sweat, I teach in 20 minutes and my laptop is in the room. Went down to the front desk, I told the person I was running out of time. She cut me another key and told me the system told her that both of them worked. I went back up to the room, didn't work, but then Kathy showed up, whew. Turns out that you have to rekey the suite to make a new key, but I wish they had told the front desk folks that. Headed to teach, focusing on recentering myself. None of this is the student's fault, they deserve and expect an instructor to be at the top of their form.

I have a theory about the PowerPoint display problem that I have been having. I think Microsoft PowerPoint display files are not compatible with Microsoft Outlook. So I taught all morning with Outlook disabled and did not have a problem. Cool. Then in the afternoon, I taught with Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook enabled, but with no networking. I had no problems.

I recommend you avoid Il Mulino Orlando

After class, Kathy and I had a reservation at Il Mulino. I have had several enjoyable dinners there including last year March 01. In fact, we ate there so often over the past couple years we got to know the floor manager, and when we ate at the Il Mulino in Washington DC (see the April 07 entry), that floor manager knew the Orlando floor manager. It is a touch pricey, but great atmosphere. And I have always enjoyed the food. Well, this was not a great experience. The food was fine, not extraordinary like the bluezoo Black Truffle Grouper, but the service was terrible. Our wait staff was a guy with a foreign accent with marbles in his mouth, and a large and in charge chick that is all too aware of her waiter status. They left us with empty water glasses; when we finally flagged the big lady down for water she said "she would send someone over", another five minutes went by. Getting out of the restaurant was a 20 minute chore, I sang several renditions of Mr. Cellophane. I was very close to doing the "napkin wave". I haven't had to do that in a couple years, but when I run into a totally incompetent wait staff, I have learned to take my napkin out of my lap and start waving it like a surrender flag. It is non-confrontational, however it usually gets me out of the place. I tried to write a tip that was a bit under 15%, I don't want the wait staff to starve and tips are also for the busboy, etc, and I wrote a note on the bottom of the check so they would know why they got a smaller tip. The worst part is they were arrogant. Kathy and I eat in restaurants all the time, so we know. I have only seen one wait staff as arrogant in a fine establishment in recent years; that was Tomate in 2008. Bottom line: the Information Security Travel Guide word on Il Mulino Disney Orlando 2010 - they are not horrible; it is an Il Mulino after all, but there are better places to spend your money.

Came back to the conference after the restaurant to gave the STI brief and it was the most fun I have had giving that talk; I think we even recruited a student or two.

[Wednesday, March 10, 2010] #SANSORLANDO2010

Things seem to be going well. Monday, Mason, Eric and I had a dinner together at Shulas. It was a nice business dinner and a chance to sync up on a number of issues. I had the Cowboy again, medium rare. Yummy, and excellent service. Class seems to be going well except Microsoft PowerPoint has problems displaying *again still*. Yeah, yeah, I know you think PowerPoint works for you, it works for me too when that is all that is going on with my computer, but I have a number of demonstrations I need to do. My best guess is that the incompatibility is with Outlook. Will do more research. Tuesday, after class, Mike Poor and I ran March Geekness. Congratulations to Terremark and Team Miami. I got a Cuban Sandwich to go from the Fountain. Tonight after class I attended the COINS reception with ISSA Orlando and then Kathy and I actually got to have a meal together at the bluezoo. It was excellent, she had the Cod, I had the Black Truffle Grouper over Spaetzle. I tasted the Cod, but I think the Black Truffle Grouper is one of the best fish dishes I have ever had. Kathy had to keep shooting, but I zipped up to the room to try to reduce the email backlog.

[Sunday, March 07, 2010] Teaching MGT 438 Establishing a Security Awareness Program

Woke up early enough to continue the thread with Ed Skoudis about what we should name the Metasploit course. The old name was Metasploit for Penetration testers, but the course is being totally rewritten so they are trying to decide if it should have a new name. I realize that may seem to be a bunch of ado over nothing, but the right name can really give a course a boost. Then, on down to teach my course. I enjoy teaching this course because everyone tends to be so ad hoc when it comes to security awareness. Giving them some structure, having them think about different population groups and different delivery options, as well as free resources is often very helpful to take a program to the next level.

This was a packed evening; we had the President's reception which was a load of fun, getting to meet some of the attendees, next was an instructor's reception at the Swan followed by the instructor's appreciation dinner. The food was so so. They featured pork loin and salmon in a pastry wrap. It was OK, but I woke up at 3 A.M. with a world class case of indigestion. Oh well, it was great spending time with the gang.

[Saturday, March 06, 2010] Orlando

I slept some of the flight back from Germany, but not enough, I was wiped out and trying to do my email and calls on Friday was like swimming through cotton candy. Then a 4:45 A.M. wakeup time to head for the airport. Hunter drove us. We flew JetBlue, it was my first time and I enjoyed it. There was enough legroom in the seats and Matrix II was playing, what is not to like? The hotel (Swan and Dolphin) sent a car. The driver, Bill, was very friendly and had an awesome memory for names and facts about guests. We got to meet Joe, who is one of the managers, he was also very friendly. We went to the Fountain to eat lunch,. We both had fladen bread (flat bread) sandwiches (they look like pizzas) and an ice tea, and I paid the $1.50 to upgrade to the chili. The chili was excellent, the sandwiches were good, but a touch less cheese is my suggestion and neither of us could finish our sandwiches so we got a box, I will probably finish mine for breakfast. With tip the bill was $41.00, eating at Disney really adds up.

Tonight I have a business dinner with Eric Cole at Don Shula's steakhouse restaurant. We both move so fast we need to connect several times a year; these dinners cost SANS a bit of money, but when we get out of sync we end up costing the company a lot more. In particular, Eric manages a lot of courseware, so I try to see how he is doing and look for ways to support. Eric and I had the Cowboy cut, Kathy had the Filet. None of us could finish our meals, but tomorrow is breakfast on your own. Nothing like starting with steak for breakfast (insert caveman sound).

Getting tired, you know it is time to unplug when your last two Internet actions were:

- To look up Dave Matthews Band Shake me like a monkey lyrics in response to @DaveShackleford's Twitter playlist

- Reading about alumni in John's Hopkins Magazine, "Andy Patrick, A&S ’85, obtained his SANS GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC) in September and is now mentoring SANS GSEC Information Security Classes in the greater Chicago area." And check this one out, "Stephen Levine, A&S ’85, resumed performing magic about five years ago, after a 25-year hiatus. He performs at charity and community events while maintaining his career as a trial lawyer who hopes “to make my clients’ legal problems disappear.” <- Me? Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodnight John Boy!

[Thursday, March 04, 2010] Headed back to Richmond

I decided not to eat breakfast at the Marriott. I always feel better after I clear security. What a delightful surprise to find the airport has a Lufthansa lounge. So I had chocolate granola for breakfast. I hear you, but it is great, In fact, I think I will have another bowl. There is also a smoked dry ham that is better than any I have ever tasted. I would love to have another piece, but must limit my intake of salted meat. Apparently, there is a fierce regional pride in this part of Germany. They try to make better products than anywhere else in the world, not just BMWs, but ham, noodles, cognac, wine, cheese and on it goes. So eating is fun, even if you do not know the name of anything.

My first flight number is LH 1355, it is a regional operated by Cityline, so this will be my first experience with Cityline. I am guessing I will have to gate check my carry-on for the quick hop to Frankfurt.

[Wednesday, March 03, 2010] Patch Barracks Stuttgart

Went to the base with Terry and Andrew to give my talk on the 20 critical controls. I think the people liked it. I liked the next couple talks as well and learned a bit especially from Dr. Thomas Holt of Michigan State University, he is doing some great open source analysis of known hackers; hope we can get him to SANS somehow. We ate lunch at the Subway on the military base, the line was about twenty people, but they kept making sandwiches at a good clip so it was not bad. Saw United Breaks Guitars Episode 3, big improvement over number 2.

We had a no host supper for everyone at the conference at the Schonbuch Brauhaus. This is your classic German brewhouse. I had the local noodles and beef. Lots of great conversation, business card exchange, good fun. I really did not want to go, because I am already falling behind on email and the like, but glad I did. Andrew bought dinner *again*, thanks Andrew! Then back to the hotel.

[Tuesday, March 02, 2010] Stuttgart Germany

Lufthansa flight came though; cleared customs no problem. Took a taxi to the Marriott Stuttgart Sindelfingen, they accommodated an early check in, thank you! Had a world of trouble getting their Ganag Internet to work. First, I had to change rooms to an Internet room, then it kept telling me I was already logged on. But the fourth trip to the front desk was the charm and it has been flawless since. I ate in the hotel restaurant "Steakhouse" last night and had the Brook Trout, very nice. Ordered the buffet breakfast this morning and ate rather unhealthily, will try to make up for that for the rest of the day, but it was fun tasting all the fine German sausages. I think I am in this timezone at tis point and that is important. The NewsBites draft came in and I nailed that before breakfast. After breakfast, I completed the latest version of the Unofficial Insider Guide to SANS Boston 2010 which is part of my strategy as marketing chair. After I post this, I will start to work on Future Visions and Decisions and it is still morning, but my typing hands are burning from overuse.

Andrew, Terry and I grabbed supper at the Marriott Steakhouse again tonight. Andrew picked up the tab, thanks Andrew! I had the pork, it was pink inside, (it is dangerous to eat undercooked pork). I showed it to the server, she took it away, they did nothing to make amends. I will try not to eat anything else at the Steakhouse except for cereal in the morning as I check out of here.

[Sunday, February 28, 2010] Sitting in RIC, headed for Germany

Had a veggie burger at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Richmond VA and headed to my gate after I posted this. My parents had to evacuate due to Tsunami risk, but all is well on Kauai. Understand there was a messy storm in Europe, hopefully the planes will be on track by the time I get there, BBC web site reports barometer is rising which is good..

United 7981 was on time, arrived early. I like the Red Carpet Lounge at D gates Dulles (IAD). They are not all the same, but this one stocks my favorite tea for travel, Numi Moonlight Orange Spice White tea, just enough caffeine to keep me alert, but not enough to get jumpy. They also have cut oranges which are fun. Dulles is not crowded today, that is also a blessing. Well, the not crowded part is starting to change; the Red Carpet Lounge is now totally full. Apparently it has to do with a bunch of international flights getting ready to leave. However, I have my work done and it is time to head for the gate.

UA 918 was a good flight, good crew, the Charlie Trotter shortribs were outstanding. I didn't sleep, but I am pounding through a book I will talk about later. After I post this I will find my gate to Stuttgart; it will be a Lufthansa flight and they are usually pretty nice.

[Thursday, February 25, 2010] Marketing Chair for SANS Boston August 2 - 8 2010

Suzy asked me to be the marketing chair for this event and I was happy to accept. Now that the web page is up, it is time to give it some serious attention, if you followed me on Infosec Tour Guide edition 15 I did some musing. and decided to start an insider's guide to SANS 2010. Here is the first cut, suggestions are welcome.

Last night Kathy and I started on a trip to Richmond VA. The trip started well, but we are all too aware we are racing the latest storm on the northeast. The flight to LAX and then Dulles (IAD) went well. At Dulles our luck started to run out, our plane was scheduled for 4:45 P.M., then they changed it to 5:30, then 6:45, but they just backed it up to 6:15, but we think we will get out. It has been interesting watching the waves of cancellations to the northeast. The last plane got out about 4:50 to Rochester. Now there is a long line at customer service and of course all those people will have to get hotels. I bet they wish they had taken advantage of United's travel waiver policy and flown yesterday instead of today. Mostly we ate plane food, but I got a spinach pizza at Famiglia and Kathy got a Chicken Pesto from Cosi on the other side of the hall in A gates. Our flight got delayed for two hours, but we did make it. I have been canceled twice to or from Richmond and been delayed several times, I am starting to think about getting a car service to Dulles instead.