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SANS Insider Guide to Boston

This is a fact filled introduction to of one of the greatest cities in the U.S. as we look forward to returning this year for SANS Boston 2010. By the way, some of the facts are pure fiction especially any references to base 16; hope you do not mind, and this should not be used as a primary source.

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Insider's Guide to Boston's Social Media

By Stephen Northcutt

Insider's Guide to Boston's Social Media

Cool Boston Organizations and News

@BostonInnovation geek stuff, a must
@Bostonmagazine Boston magazine, a must if you are visiting or live there
@Boston_crime crime reports as they happen, no where not to go
@cambridgechron the oldest continuously published newspaper in the USA. They are a constant source of local news.
@Bostonmassnews live news feed for Boston interest
@Boston_CP Boston City and Press, more Boston news
@Bostonnewsnow even more news
@Bostonupdate news, it isn't all local lots of national and international as well
@Massnonprofit this is the twitter feed for Boston nonprofit news
@BBJNewsroom Boston Business Journal
@MITEReview MIT E Review, thought leadership in business
@talentculture the scoop on social events especially green and innovation
@taskRabbit if you have cash and need something done in Boston
@northendpads if you are looking for a place to stay in Boston

Boston Sports

@redsoxbuzztap up to date news on the Boston Red Sox
@peteabe baseball writer for Boston Globe
@citysports news about sports especially about running, many stores in Boston area
@4SportBoston more sports

Boston Business Worth Following

@Hollandmark Advertising and brand management

Get a Boston Job

@jobboston if you like Boston so much you want to stay there you need a job
@tj_bos_ma_comm another jobs site for Boston

Boston Thought Leaders

@melissa945 radio personality, songwriter
@MGraham969 another radio personality that tweets
@Ryan_Mcbride is the correspondent for Xconomy, innovative business
@ScottKirsner is another innovative business writer, these guys are starting to get me interested in another startup
@alparker is a source of high quality Boston posts and links
@SarahCortes is well connected in Boston and Information Security