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Security Musings

Introducing: Podcasts from PaulDotCom Security Weekly

By Stephen Northcutt
On January 12, we released an article titled CERT is doing podcasts?[1] While doing the research for this article, we came across PaulDotCom Security Weekly [2], a weekly computer security podcast, or pre-recorded Internet radio show, that focuses on security news, vulnerabilities, research, and hacking. We find the show and cast very interesting. Let's inquire further.

Paul was kind enough to reply to our email query and stated "It started when Paul Asadoorian (a.ka. PaulDotCom) needed a new venue for information about current vulnerabilities and security trends. Recent projects he had worked on allowed him to give regular presentations that were sent across live video feeds for small audiences. When this project ended, he learned of podcasting and saw it as a perfect medium to disseminate this information. Thus, PaulDotCom Security Weekly was born."[3]

The Birth of PaulDotCom

The first recording was done at a SANS[4] conference in Los Angeles on October 27, 2005. The focus has always been on current events in IT security, underground hacking news, and stories coupled with technical segments that are significant, but do not always get widespread coverage. The technical content and in-depth interviews set this series apart from some of the other information security podcasts and radio shows. Examples of Nmap commands, finding vulnerabilities with Nessus, and many wireless hacking tutorials are common for PaulDotCom. In February 2006, PaulDotCom Security Weekly TV was introduced, providing short video segments which highlight technical content, including Bluetooth hacking, and war driving.

PaulDotCom Today

Today, PaulDotCom tries to take advantage of the latest technology to deliver timely, technical content. You can find them online in the IRC channel, read the show notes in their wiki, check the blog for the latest happenings, and even purchase the infamous "Hack Naked" gear in the Cafepress store.

(Editor's note, we tried to find the Hack Naked home page, this is what we were able to locate:[5][6])

When you speak with PaulDotCom, you can sense their mission is clear; they continue to use the latest technology to provide technical analysis and insight in a friendly and entertaining manner. They are always looking for new ways in which to deliver this message. The members of PaulDotCom are almost all GIAC [7] certified professionals, from both private industry and higher education. They get together each week in a relaxed environment to talk shop and drink beer (which has become an integral part of the "relaxed environment"). Viewer discretion is advised as the show will sometimes lean toward the risque; however, PaulDotCom feels this adds to the flavor of the show and delivery of high quality technical content. To reach them by email, try: and on IRC: #pauldotcom | PaulDotCom will be broadcasting live from SANS 2007 [8] in San Diego.

PaulDotCom Members:

  • Paul "PaulDotCom" Asadoorian, GCIA, GCIH, Co-Founder
  • Larry "haxorthematrix" Pesce, GAWN, GCFA, Co-Founder
  • Nick "Twitchy" DePetrillo, GCIA, Director of Hacking
  • Joe "Mr. C." Conlin, Director of Public Relations
  • Chris "BlackDrag0n" Jenkins, Director of Marketing
  • Dave "Cool" Counts, Director of Video Productions
3. Email from Paul Asadoorian to Stephen Northcutt, January 12, 2007