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Book Reviews

Zubulake's e-Discovery

Laura Zubulake
Version 1.0

Zublake's e-Discovery - The untold story of my quest for justice. By Laura A. Zubulake

This is an incredibly compelling story of David and Goliathish proportions. Laura was a trader for a very large bank, got a new boss, he either didn't like her or didn't like any women. They canned her. She claimed discrimination. Case went to trial, she did not accept a settlement. She did most of the clerical work to save money and kept the lawyers for when they were truly needed. The storyline is straightforward, why would anyone need to read this book?

The majority of the book is about discovery when dealing with electronic records. And thanks to Laura's ethic of dogged pursuit of a goal, sense of organization and careful record keeping, her case is a landmark in setting standards for discovery in our modern world.

I am pretty sure the book is self published, every once in a while you run into a section that would have benefited from a developmental editor.

Who needs to read this book at why? Cybersecurity and IT Managers need to know enough about law, to understand if a corporate lawyer is off base. As as example, it is almost certain the attorneys assured senior management there was limited risk to the bank. From their legal background perspective they were right. Individuals that take on large firms with vast resources are usually much better off settling than going to trial. However, an IT person, assigned to support the legal department in acquiring digital evidence which in this case was primarily email would be able to discern patterns. The requests were primarily for three specific people and specific timeframes and after the complaint was filed with the EEOC, no evidence should be destroyed, yet and IT person can know if an email is deleted. Another reason to read the book is that it is rich with strategy. Laura knows how she achieved such incredible results and explains what she did step by step. In the course I currently author, Management Leadership Essentials, I previously only devoted one slide to the so-called Zubulake Standard, next update I will beef that up.