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Book Reviews

What makes it PAGE

By Stephen Northcutt
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What makes it PAGE by Enrico Martignetti

This is a book about the 64 bit Windows 7 Virtual Memory Manager (VMM). Before I continue on, I need to put in a disclaimer. I cannot speak for the technical accuracy of the book, it has been over 20 years since I took a class at Microsoft University and I think the term has morphed into a career center. Heck, I do not even have a 64 bit Windows 7 machine. After I sent my HP Pavilion back in for repairs the second time, (it is still dead), I gave up. My Mac just works. I do plan to buy an inexpensive Windows 8 box just to play with the Metro interface sometime in the next 30 days, but not to play with its VMM.

The book is self published, but the quality of writing, illustrations, screen shots is there, this has the feeling of a No Starch Press book and that is a good thing, so my compliments to the author. The Table of Contents is incredibly detailed, so if you need to find a piece of information, the odds are on your side and that is important since there is no index. I did read all of part 1 and enjoyed it immensely. It is very readable if you have been exposed to assembler, or machine architecture and was a fantastic refresher for me. Then I went to the Table of Contents and read sections that were of interest. I probably understood about a 1/3 of what I read, but I am thankful for that.

Who should read this book? Anyone doing low level programming, system level stuff especially if they have drivers or interrupt handlers. Any large IT shop running, or transitioning to Windows 7 should have someone who understands system internals. Forensics team members will certainly benefit.