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Book Reviews

Book Review: Seduced by Success by Robert J. Herbold

By Stephen Northcutt

When companies are successful they tend to hire too many people which raises costs, fractures lines of communications and leads to being unable to respond to changing industry trends. This is the core thought of Herbold, a long time executive at Proctor and Gamble and a seven year stint as Chief Operating Officer at Microsoft. He also recommends paranoia: if you think your competition is after you, pick up the pace. The meat of the book expanding on the core thought are nine success induced traps and how to detect and avoid them.

The book's points are illustrated by numerous case studies, some of these are well known, for others, Herbold shares inside knowledge. He is a masterful story teller. In fact my biggest gripe of the book is that he is so good at telling stories that when he shares the insights from his business career, I found myself wanting to skip the insights to jump to the next story. I will probably have to reread this book.

Glad I bought it, enjoyed reading it, Seduced by Success has earned a place on my bookshelf.