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Book Reviews

PostSeret Confessions on Life, Death, and God

By Stephen Northcutt
Version 1.0

PostSecret - Confessions on Life, Death, and God by Frank Warren

I am spending some of time right now as a caregiver and have time to read. The Rev. Caroline Miura loaned us the full set. It is amazing how many trends we miss and I could have easily missed this one. I am sure most readers are way ahead of me, but Frank came up with the idea of sending out postcards and asking people to decorate them, submit a secret that is true and they never told anyone else and mail the postcard back. It has been a pretty big success, I think he has published five books and when you read one, you learn a little bit more about human nature and hopefully a little be more about compassion.

I do not want to steal Mr. Warren's thunder but here are three at random, (punctuation/writing mirrors the author's writing to the extent possible).

Written with pen on a backdrop of an ancient city featuring what looks to be an Orthodox church, "When we study churches in Art History, I feel God more that I ever have before."

A postit note under a field of wheat on this blue sky it says, "My daughter HATES! women who have had abortions! On the posti note are two baby foot prints and it says, "I HAD ONE"

A photo of an open hand gun case with some form of automatic pistol and parts, on the top left it says, "I picked the lock of my friends gun case because I didn't want to be miserable anymore" and then written on the bottom right, The gun wasn't in there.

The movement is expanding, I just followed @Postsecret on Twitter. What fun.