Information Security Master's Degrees: MSISM

Information Security Master's Degrees:

Course Number Course Title SANS Class GIAC Exam Additional Components Credit Hours
ISM 5000 Research & Communications Methods MGT 305 N/A Oral Presentation, Written Exercise 0.5
ISM 5100 Enterprise Information Security MGT 512 GSLC Research Paper 4
ISM 5200 Hacking Techniques & Incident Response SEC 504 GCIH NetWars Continuous 4
ISM 5300 Building Security Awareness MGT 433 N/A Written Assignment 1
ISM 5400 IT Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership MGT 514 N/A Writing Exercises 3
ISM 5500 Research Presentation I N/A N/A Oral Presentation of Research Paper 1
ISM 5600 Law of Data Security and Investigations LEG523 GLEG Research Paper 4
ISM 5700 Situational Response Practicum N/A N/A 24-Hour Group Project; Report / Presentation 1
ISM 5800 IT Security Project Management MGT 525 GCPM N/A 3
ISM 5900 Research Presentation II N/A N/A Oral Presentation of Research Paper 1
ISM 6000 Standards-based Implementation of Security SEC 566 GCCC Research Paper 4
ISM 6100 Security Project Practicum N/A N/A 30-Day Group Project; Paper 2
ISM 6200 Auditing Networks, Perimeters and Systems AUD507 GSNA Research Paper 4
ISM 6999 Elective 500+ level SANS Course w/cert GIAC Exam N/A 3
ISM 6900 Information Security Fieldwork N/A N/A Project 0.5
N/A MSISM Capstone N/A GSM Hands-on Lab 0
Total Credit Hours 36