Master's Degree Curriculum

Master's Degree Curriculum

The Master of Science Degree in Information Security Engineering

This MSISE program will prepare students to head teams of technologists who are responsible for information security assessments, architectures, operations, monitoring, auditing, and lead information security programs. Graduates will be qualified to seek positions such as technical director for information security, senior security analyst, senior security administrator, information systems security manager, information systems security officer, information security manager, and chief information security officer. The program focuses primarily on the technical and problem-solving skills associated with security implementation, but adds instruction on project management and effective communications to help graduates prepare to take responsibility for the work of other technologists. All of the courses below except the electives include writing assignments called GIAC Gold. More information about GIAC Gold can be found at

MSISE Core, mandatory courses

Previous Mandatory Course: 1.1
Previous Mandatory Course: 1.0

Course Descriptions: Conference course descriptions are available at If students wish to take some courses in other than a conference setting, they should click on "Training" on that same website, then click on the preferred method of course delivery such as OnDemand, SelfStudy, Mentor, or @Home. It will describe those other methods of course delivery.

Course Credits
SEC 401: Security Essentials, GSEC Gold 4
MGT 524: Security Policy and Awareness, Gold 2
SEC 503: Intrusion Detection in Depth, GCIA Gold 4
SEC 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling, GCIH Gold 4
MGT 525: Project Management and Effective Communications for Security Professionals and Managers, Gold 3 (or 4 if certify)
OPTIONAL: Project Management Institute Certification completion constitutes an additional credit hour
MGT 421: Leadership and Management Competencies, Gold 1
Community Project Requirements must be completed. See 3
Electives: Silver. Any two SEC 500 or SEC 600 level GIAC Silver - with SEC 508 System Forensics, GCFA Silver strongly recommended. Or AUD 507 Auditing Networks, Perimeters, and Systems, GSNA Silver, may be one of the electives. 6
Total: 27 (or 28 if certify) credit hours