Students: Grad Reqs and Time Constraints


Graduation Requirements

General requirements for the SANS Technology Institute Master of Science degree:

  1. Successful completion of all required courses within five years.
  2. A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher.
  3. Fulfillment of all financial obligations to SANS Technology Institute.
  4. Completion of the Graduate Exit Interview.

Program Time Constraints

Students have a maximum of 5 months from the start of a 3 or 4 credit hour course (as measured by the first day of the class element) to complete the requirements of that course. If all course components have not been completed by the end of the fourth month, a temporary grade of Incomplete will automatically be entered in the student's record. Once the grade of Incomplete has been registered, the student will have 30 days to complete the course work to resolve the Incomplete or the grade of Incomplete will be converted to a failing grade of "F"