Students: Codes of Conduct


Student Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code of conduct is to express the SANS Technology Institute's expectations for conduct and to identify behaviors outside of acceptable bounds of behavior. We ask every student and faculty member to become familiar with, and govern themselves by, this code of conduct.

As educated adults who are leaders and advisors to organizations on compliance with law and regulations, students are held to a high standard in terms of both knowledge and the application of trust, law and regulation.

Violations of city, state, and federal laws while enrolled at the SANS Technology Institute may also constitute violations of the code of conduct. In such instances, the Institute may proceed with Institute disciplinary action under the code, independent of any criminal proceeding involving the same conduct, and may impose sanctions for violation of the code even if such criminal proceeding has not been resolved or is resolved in the student's favor.

Academic Conduct

The SANS Technology Institute's expectations for students' academic conduct are that students will engage only in activities consistent with academic integrity as discussed in the educational policies of the Institute.

Examples of academic misconduct include, but are not limited to:

  1. Subverting the examination process: exchanging, transmitting, or receiving information during examinations; the possession and/or use of unauthorized materials during those examinations; providing or enlisting assistance for a student taking examinations.
  2. Submitting plagiarized work for any assignment. Students should be aware that SANS Technology Institute uses Turnitin and other services to detect plagiarism.
  3. Dishonest or falsified reporting of research results
  4. Engaging in activities that unfairly place other students at a disadvantage, such as taking, hiding or altering resource material, or manipulating a grading system.
  5. Misuse of hacking, malicious code, information warfare or other techniques. In general, the difference between a hacker and a system administrator is permission.

Health and Safety

The SANS Technology Institute expects students to take leadership positions in the areas of health and safety.

Prohibited or discouraged conducts include:

  1. Attending group functions when you know you suffer from a serious infectious disease that is likely to be transmitted.
  2. Ignoring obvious safety hazards such as blocked exits, accumulation of flammables.
  3. Knowingly reporting a false emergency.
  4. Any action that puts another person's safety, physical or mental health, or life at risk, whether intentionally or as a result of recklessness or negligence.

Sexual Conduct

The expectation of the SANS Technology Institute is that students will comport themselves as leaders in all matters, particularly when it comes to sexual conduct.

Inappropriate physical contact or other non-physical conduct of a sexual nature especially in the absence of clear, knowing and voluntary consent will not be tolerated.

We ask the student to consider what would happen if a tape of that moment were to be played at a future job interview for a high level post.

Dishonest, destructive, disruptive conduct, or illegal use of drugs or alcohol

The SANS Technology Institute expects students to demonstrate both mature and ethical behavior in their dealings with people and property.

Dishonest, destructive, disruptive conduct, or illegal use of drugs or alcohol are examples of conduct that should be eschewed by a SANS Technology Institute student or faculty member.

Violations of the Code of Conduct

Any action(s) reported or observed by a student, faculty or staff member in violation of the SANS Technology Institute's Code of Conduct policy will be reported to the Institute staff. The staff will notify the accused in writing of the violation(s). That individual will be afforded an opportunity to respond in writing to the accusation. After reviewing the accusation and the response, the staff will render a decision regarding the violation(s).

An appeal of the staff's decision can be made to the President of SANS Technology Institute. The President will review the staff's decision, gather any additional information deemed appropriate, and render a decision. The decision of the President is final.