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Welcome to the Security Laboratory. I'm Stephen Northcutt and like many of you I am a manager and leader with an information technology job. At the SANS Technology Institute, we are always striving to become more skilled and knowledgeable in computer security as well as the people side of the job. The "Security Labratory", for you creative spellers, is an informal set of articles and whitepapers, almost a blog, about security, information technology, and the computer security industry. As we learn more, ponder issues and research content for SANS Security 401 Security Essentials and the GIAC Security Essentials Certification, we will continue to add to this site. Our hope is for this to be a resource for the community and we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a note at

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Security Laboratory: Which SANS course should I take?

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If you are new to computer, network or information security, the SANS Institute offers a number of introductory courses to get you on your way. But not every course is right for you and this series of essays is intended to help you make course selections to best fit your needs.

Security 503: Intrusion Detection and the Software Security courses are my favorites, here is why

By Johannes Ullrich

To help you choose the most suitable network and information security training for yourself and for your company, Johannes presents a synopsis of his favorite SANS Institute courses - the new Security Software series and SEC503:Intrusion Detection.

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