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Welcome to the Leadership Laboratory. I'm Stephen Northcutt and like many of you I am an information security manager and leader with an information technology job. At the SANS Technology Institute, we are always striving to become more skilled and knowledgeable in computer security management as well as the people side of the job. The "Leadership Labratory", for you creative spellers, is an informal set of articles and whitepapers, almost a blog, about management, information technology, and the computer security industry. As we learn more, ponder issues and research content for SANS Management 512 Security Leadership Essentials For Managers and the GIAC Security Leadership Certification, we will continue to add to this site. Our hope is for this to be a resource for the community and we would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a note at stephen@sans.edu. If you enjoy reading our content, you can get the latest articles by visiting this page or subscribing to our RSS feed:

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SANS Technology Institute Self-Study Working Group: Planning and Governance

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We at SANS Technology Institute (STI) are in the self-study phase of evaluation by Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) for accreditation: the self-study process itself is an integral part of earning accreditation and a great opportunity to strengthen the college through a comprehensive assessment. A major component of this self-study is the working groups within STI who perform research on all of our processes and policies.

Research Question - What is an A3

By Stephen Northcutt

The Planning and Governance Self-Study working group has a set of research questions that guide its actions. Here, we look at a primary element of governance, the A3.

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