Tuition: Assistance


Employer-Provided Tuition Assistance

Employers frequently pay the tuition and other costs for most students in the SANS Technology Institute's Master's Degree Program. When the student registers for a course/certification, employers may pay directly through check or credit card.

Because the SANS Technology Institute is regionally accredited the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, tuition for our graduate course is typically eligible for reimbursement by most corporate tuition reimbursement plans. The SANS Technology Institute works with many third-party tuition reimbursement administrators, such as EdAssist, EdLink, and GP Strategies on behalf of their corporate clients. Please see your companies HR policies for more details, or inquire at if we have worked with your company's tuition reimbursement plan.

Veteran's Benefits

The SANS Technology Institute is applying to enable current and prospective students to employ their veteran's benefits for purposes of funding their SANS Technology Institute education. Though we are regionally accredited, the rules governing approval for these benefits distinguish between public, non-profit schools and private, for-profit schools, and require us to be reviewed and approved in each U.S. State that might be applicable. If this is an important benefit to you, please let us know at so that we can inform you of any changes in our status, if and when we are approved.

Financial Aid / Scholarships

Employers pay for the tuition and other costs for most students in any program. At the present time, SANS Technology Institute does not have a scholarship or financial aid program available. We do not participate in Title IV funding, so students are not able to access subsidized government student loans to participate in our programs.